Peanut Butter Jelly Review Time

I have talked myself into and out of the Nikkie Tutorials Too Faced kit at least 13 times. I just don’t think that I am going to go for it, it looks cute but the item that I am most hyped over is the mascara. But who knows, I might see it in a couple of days and talk myself back into it 😛 I did however finally snag a Peanut Butter & Jelly palette when I saw that it was back in stock. I don’t know what appealed to me so much about this palette but I have been periodically checking their website for a restock and glad that I clicked over there last week. I think it was the purple shades that kept catching my eye and the overall concept was just too freaking cute. I did not have the opportunity to swatch this palette prior to purchasing and chose to trust the many rave reviews. I regret nothing.


Out of the box – adorable. The casing is metal and I prefer this over the cardboard type material that many palettes are released in. This palette will definitely keep your pans protected if you are traveling. On the inside, you get a full size mirror and a cute little Look Book which is a nice touch. The smell is so pleasant, I think it smells like a vanilla shake. I thought this whole ‘scented makeup’ trend was a gimmick but I am sold after having used this one and the Styled by Hrush palette which also smells glorious. It just adds something so decadent to my beauty routine.


As for the shadows, you get 9 total with 3 larger pans of neutrals and 6 smaller pans of pop colours. All of the names are fun and foodie related. The shade that intrigued me the most was Extra Creamy – it is just a pure white matte but I have never owned a shade like it. Jelly and Jammin’ the two purple shades are of course my favourites but all of the shades are lovely. As for the formula, I have found that it does vary between shades with a couple having more fall out than I would like but I can work with them. Huge points for the concept and overall uniqueness, this palette is an adorable addition to my makeup drawer.


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