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Stop everything, George Eads (aka the standard which I measure all men by) is the new MacGyver. I know nothing about the original series but I am there. CSI got so incredibly lame towards the end but I was really just there for Eads, if he had two lines – hell, if he walked through the set my night was made. He just seems so nice and like he wears Wranglers and drives a truck. I never had the opportunity to date a cowboy but there is always that allure of dating someone really rugged. Anyway, clearly this is my new favourite show – details to come 😛

I feel terrible that I was supposed to be  committing myself to more lifestyle posts and then BAM there were all of these new makeup releases that I was excited about and I have been doing primarily makeup posts.  I am planning a décor post but I want to take some really good pictures, which can be tricky with my hand tremors but I will give it my best effort! For today though, more makeup 😀

phototasticcollage-2016-09-23-22-06-46I am a sucker for warm toned palettes which I find odd as this is a recent thing for me. I used to be all about the dark black liner, 50 different shades of grey shadow (no, I have not read the books) and those were my staples. Some time ago, I tried to branch out and purchased the Naked 3 palette and just wasn’t a fan *gasp* I know! But most of the shades look hideous on me and I just don’t use it. Why was I drawn to warm toned palettes after this? No idea, probably psychosis but I digress. In recent months, I have been wearing more burgundies, oranges, rusts and yes – even pinks and I think they really seem to suit me. I still love a bold, black liner for evening looks but for day time I am all about the warm tones. I didn’t think that I would continue this trend beyond summer but all of these shades are so far perfect for my autumn wardrobe and I have been experimenting with even deeper tones and have not been disappointed.

I had to share 2 of my favourite ColourPop shades 😀

I thought I would share a few of my favourite warm toned palettes in case you’ve wanted to go this route and don’t own any yet or don’t know where to start! First up, is the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette that I have owned for a couple of months now and is one of my everyday use items. This palette contains 20 pans featuring mattes, metallics and what I would call a couple of satins but unsure if they are really marketed as such. You will find a range of reds, oranges, browns, taupes and everything in between.  The formula is more than decent for a brand that I had never heard of. On the matte shades, you will find some fall out but nothing to put me off terribly – just get yourself a good primer. The metallics and satins are gorgeous with no fallout and they last so well! My only beef with this palette is that it is enormous – the pro here is that you really get a ton of product for the price tag but the con is that I can’t store it anywhere! I own all 3 palettes and they take up my entire palette holder. I definitely would not travel with this one and as mentioned before, if I dropped it – it would probably explode. I do like that the top flips back so that I can get a really good handle on it while I am using it. This is one of my favourite features in a palette case (see the original Naked) but I know that others feel that this makes it seem chintzy. Ah well, to each their own.


Next up is my Manny MUA x Makeup Geek Palette which I have already raved about here. I think this is a beautiful, easy to wear palette for anyone. The shades are gorgeous and the formula is quality. It is limited edition and I will be so bummed when I hit pan but I would recommend if you don’t own any warm palettes and want to dabble.


Finally, I know that I have talked about the Lime Crime Venus palette before but the Venus II is also an excellent pick up with several warm toned shades as well. I think my absolute favourites from this palette are Jam and Mustard – they are so unique, I don’t think that I have ever owned a mustard shadow but now it is a must have. The formula and wear of both these palettes are top notch, buttery, easy to blend and highly pigmented.


phototasticcollage-2016-09-23-21-50-39That is it, my top warm toned palettes – I know that there are many others out there but any of these would be excellent additions if you are in the market!

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