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The Not So Favs’ of Summer

I feel like I have been trying and hating a lot of products lately – I don’t know what is going on. Rather than a favourites post, I want to talk about a few products that weren’t right away favs but they have grown on me. I am not one to give up on something after just one go and will often revisit products at a later time to see if they work for me. That being said, here are a few products that I almost gave up on but have found some success wearing them after all:

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer: After the rave reviews on this concealer I assumed that I was a few quick swipes away from flawless but this was not the case. For me, this product took some finessing to look the way I felt it should. I apply my concealer and typically let it set but this product wouldn’t blend when I came back to it 10’ish minutes into my beauty routine. It looked chalky and I had deposits of pigment where I had applied, it was awful. Literally the worst. The lightest shade (fair) was also too light for my skin, it worked great at hiding blemishes but overall it made me look very washed out. The smell is amazing, it is so creamy out of the tube and I couldn’t understand how it looked so bad once blended. Call me crazy, I bought the next lightest shade (light) and gave it another go. Here is how I have come to find success with this concealer: I apply the lighter shade just to blemishes and the other in my regular concealer pattern then I blend immediately. To set, I skip powder and go for a setting spray, I love the way it looks and lasts. I am so glad that I was able to jump on this band wagon and would actually recommend this product.

PhototasticCollage-2016-09-02-19-52-09.jpgClinique Chubby Sculpting Highlight Stick: I have not talked about this one on the blog as I was hardly using it. This illuminating stick just didn’t do it for me at first, their foundation sticks are genius and I just assumed that this product would be too. Oops. I would definitely not recommend putting the stick right on your face as it will streak your foundation – this might be a duh for most of you but this product is so creamy I thought it would be OK. Instead, apply with *gasp* finger tips or a teenie beauty sponge. Lightly tap and set with a pink illuminator and wa-lah, subtle shimmer perfect for a low-key day in the sun that lasts all day. I would recommend, you get quite a bit of product for the price point and it is a lovely pearly pink that I could see working with a lot of skin tones.PhototasticCollage-2016-09-02-19-56-010902161924Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Snow: Holy uneven application and what an awful shade. I am still not jazzed about the shade but if I am only applying a thin base, I can make it work with the right concealer.What I hated even more about this foundation was that it made my skin look dry and gave me lines that I know I don’t have. (I say this a lot, maybe the lines are there!?) Over the course of the day, it also broke up a lot and I was very displeased. In order to make this one work, I need a serious primer and found that it pairs really well with my Dr. Jart+ Pore Minish primer. I set this one with spray to keep it demi-matte and I do like the way it looks and holds up. I also pair with a cream blush and a liquid illuminator to counteract any hint of dryness. I don’t know how it would build but I get enough coverage with the Born This Way concealer which is amazing! I would recommend even if you have oily skin but be prepared to bust out a serious primer and set, set, set. If you can find a good shade match, I think you will love it.

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering powders: I used to avoid these unless I wanted a total glitter-bomb effect but after purchasing a new and amazing fan brush I have come to love the bit of sparkle that these powders impart. I own all 3 shades now and use them at least every other day (not all at once) and am excited for the trio palette that is soon to launch. A light hand, a good brush and these have become essentials.

PhototasticCollage-2016-09-02-20-00-34In all honesty, you cannot win them all but when one spends so much money on cosmetics you think that of course they are going to work and what a letdown when they don’t. I am glad that I will be able to use these products and some may even become re-buys!

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