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I purchased some new tops this past weekend, just thin cotton tops that I can wear under cardigans or other shirts when it gets really cold. Apparently they are in fact burn out tops and way more sheer than I thought, long story short – I wore a sheer top to work and am absolutely mortified. I had a cardigan on as well so I guess I just didn’t notice and maybe nobody else did, fingers crossed. Anyway, I feel like a complete moron and it is turtle necks for the rest of my life.


It was cold this morning – legitimately cold and it was wonderful. This weekend was very sticky and didn’t feel like fall, I thought that we were headed into another warm up but the crisp air this morning pleasantly surprised me. I even hear that we could get a blizzard as early as October, I relish a good blizzard. I don’t think I have experienced one since I was 11’ish, we lived in very rural Colorado in a canyon, and the storms would get socked in for days. During this particular blizzard, it snowed for 3 days and we lived in perpetual dusk. As an adult and living in the world that we do, a good storm is mostly an inconvenience but I appreciate the fierce and unpredictable beauty that we are surrounded by each day. As much as I love the cold weather, it does mean the inevitable dry hair and skin. Winter is a constant battle to slather as much moisture on my face as possible without totally suffocating my pores and wrecking my complexion which is a tall order. For glowing skin all winter long, serums and oils are this gals best friend. I use my fair share of heavy creams but serums are quick absorbing, moisturize for longer periods of time and are less likely to cause me to break out. There is a serum for everything; moisturizing, firming, blemish control – blah, blah, blah but a primer serum is a total game changer for my winter skin. There are a handful on the market (as far as I know) and only 2 that I have tried, I found a fast fav in this Photo Finish Oil Primer from Smashbox (the authority on primer) and have never wanted or needed to look for anything else.


How is an oil primer different than a regular moisturizing primer or any other primer for that matter? To start, it doesn’t feel like another layer of product on my face which is great when I am using a heavy duty eye cream, moisturizer, skin treatments, etc already. This oil is very thin and absorbs quickly and cleanly with no additional fuss. It doesn’t seem like much at first but it works like a charm creating the perfect base for foundation. This stuff literally glues your foundation on (in a good way), I have used it under liquid, cream and powder foundations all with long lasting results. Additionally, you are getting all of the benefits and nourishment of a serum keeping your skin looking anything but dull. This oil keeps my foundation luminous all day without breaking up and like I said, it doesn’t feel like my face is coated in product. This oil is also fabulous under matte foundations, I don’t need a matte in the winter but I can wear them comfortably in tandem with this primer. If you need a little pore camouflage like me, you can still apply that to your problem areas but I would do this after your oil absorbs.


This stuff is simply amazing, check out these ingredients and tell me I’m wrong! I don’t keep a bottle on hand all year as I don’t need it in the summer but if you have dry skin, I could see this being fabulous all year round. Rest assured, I have it ready to go in my beauty bag now 😛 If winter wreaks havoc on your skin – definitely give a serum primer a whirl!

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