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NOTD: Mood Changing

Citizens of Minnesota, it is not raining. For whatever reason, before I left for the day I had convinced myself that I heard rain and that I would need my rain gear. Suited up in my slicker and boots I emerge from my building to… Read More

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Velvet Lust List

I attended customer service training this week and have been making an effort to be more consistently warm and friendly – that shit is hard and I think it is weirding people out. I am generally a pleasant person, I like my job, I have… Read More

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Trick Or Treat

I have a cold sore, I hate cold sores – you literally cannot do anything with them. It just has to be there and I don’t want any of my brushes or sponges to come into contact with the annoying little blight – I feel… Read More

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Autumnal Favourites Tag

I have the pleasure of living next to one of those annoying people who are constantly futzing around in their yard but their yard looks like shit and never actually gets used for anything. This guy has a rock and crab grass lawn and he… Read More

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Glossier Haul!

Eek! Watching more Tales From the Crypt and I forgot about all of the great cameos this series had;  Demi Moore, Teri Hatcher, Kyle MacLachlan, Whoopi Goldberg, Dan Aykroyd, Tom Hanks and they are all so young and shiny. It is just fun to watch… Read More

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Modcloth Sale Pick-Ups

I am feverishly planning my work Halloween costume, it was between Ms. Frizzle (a staple in my adult costume rotation) or your basic witch and I think I am going basic this year. Although, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a gorgeous tulle skirt… Read More