To Natasha or Not to Natasha

I closed my hair in my car door this morning, this happens far too often. I am not one of those women whose hair just flows back in the wind like an Amazonian goddess – it gets stuck on my face, in my mouth and in my car door. Yay wind. I have worn the Glossier Skin Tint for the second day in a row now and it is not too shabby, I am definitely getting more coverage than what I had originally thought. I will post a review once I have used it more consistently.

Natasha Denona is dropping a new palette on 10/28 and I think I need it. I am on the fence though, I feel this line is ridiculously overpriced even for a luxury brand especially one that is relatively new stateside. I would pay these prices for YSL or Estee Lauder who have been around for a 100 years but this one makes me pause. This new palette comes with 18 shades and will retail for 169 bucks which actually makes it more expensive per pan than her current palettes on the market now. I cannot find any specs on how big the pans are. I was going back and forth on the 28 pan palettes for weeks but the reviews are all over the place, some say that they are totally worth it and others say that they are similar to other palettes that cost much less. Needless to say, the reviews did not sway me one way or the other.

The Star Palette looks gorgeous though and the packaging is so me. I have never immediately wanted a palette that I have only seen online, usually they require weeks of research and then being out of stock for half a year before I go for it 😛 According to the limited information that I could find on this palette, one side is made up of cool tones and the other warm tones which is a pretty neat concept but would I use them all? Who can say. The metallic shades look absolutely stunning and I can never have enough gold shadows. Ugh. I have a couple of more days to think on it…

These images are not mine:




What do you think, is it worth it? And what does that even mean anyway?! Thanks for stopping by ❤

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