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I have the pleasure of living next to one of those annoying people who are constantly futzing around in their yard but their yard looks like shit and never actually gets used for anything. This guy has a rock and crab grass lawn and he mows it obsessively, today he is leaf blowing. He has been leaf blowing for 2 hours, TWO HOURS. It is a 1/2 acre lot for the love of Moses. Every so often, usually 7 AM on Sundays – he and the guy across the street from him will get into yard work contests which is like a really obnoxious pissing contest with power tools. I have to get out of the ‘burbs or at least onto a 5 acre lot all by myself.

This is a fall favourites mash-up post because I love fall and you love fall and everybody loves fall 😀 I am partial to gold tones, bronze, burgundies and the like at any time of year but these just feel so right at this time of year without being garish. Here is a roundup of my staple autumnal beauty and lifestyle items, enjoy!


Lips are easier for me to wear in the cool weather, maybe because my face isn’t constantly sweating off – who knows but I definitely have to have my lips on before I go out for the day. Right now I am loving Beet It (LimeCrime), ManBun (Tarte), Cashmere (LimeCrime) and Squash (LimeCrime) just to name a few.

A recent pick that I cannot get enough of is Zap Moondust Liquid eyeshadow. I have been using these shadows as liners and was at first disappointed in this shade but it has really grown on me. I apply it as liner and I go back in with a darker powder once it dries. It is very pretty for a little something shimmery.



For blusher, I lean towards anything that is a little brown – yup, brown. Right now I am plowing through my pan of Dallas (Benefit). This is a dusty rose blusher/bronzer and in my opinion it is a genius product. It does not have any shimmer, which is a switch for me but I still love it. The colour is just glorious and you cannot beat the wear.

My favourite home scent has to be the Sparkling Amber candle from Bath&Body Works. I love their 3-wick candles and they were just on sale a couple of weekends ago and I giddily stocked up. This is such a warm, woody, spicy but not too spicy scent. It is perfect for fall, I like to get about 3 burning in my 2 bedroom apartment 😛

I am a coffee gal all of the time but I like homemade hot chocolate (this recipe from my girl Martha is super simple and super delish) and homemade whipped cream with a bag of popcorn on a Saturday night.

PhototasticCollage-2016-10-23-17-37-17.jpgThe piece of clothing that I am most excited to bust out as soon as the cool weather hits are my fleece lined tights, booties and tweed skirts. I cheated but I cannot pick one fall clothing item, they are all good! Not to mention I just found the perfect blacking leggings – don’t even get me started.

This next one is a no-brainer, my favourite fall movie is Hocus Pocus. It is just a crowd pleaser and appropriate for most ages but heads up on SJP – holy bustier.

HOCUS POCUS, Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, 1993

I was so jazzed to watch the premier of Grimm 5 or 6 Halloweens ago and I still love watching the first few seasons around this time of year. The ambience of the show is just so spooky, every time I watch it I start mentally packing my bags to move to Portland.


For years my 2 go to costumes have been Dana Scully or Ms. Frizzle but as I get older I realize how much these references date me! Those who get it could probably guess my age and those who don’t get it just know that I am old 😀 Doing the witch thing this year just to blend in. Thanks for stopping by <3



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