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About a week ago, Wet ‘n Wild was offering all (17 total) of their pink & white brushes as a bundle deal for 23.99 – a total steal. I think these brushes are fantastic, they are super soft, they don’t shed and they have been holding up really well after washing. Even though I am a BB purist, I can find a use for every brush in this collection. I am really excited to take the angled eyeliner brush for a test spin, I think it is going to up my wing game (I am wretched at wings and rarely attempt them). This bundle is available for a limited time, totally worth it if you are in need of some new brushes!

I have been on an endless mission to find an eye cream that hydrates all day – I have burned through at least 4 tubes since the spring and am trying yet another new one. I guess I don’t know what I am looking for, the area around my eyes is where my age shows the most and I feel like they always look crêpey no matter what I use. Also, this sensitive area tends to dry out quick and it peels – gag. I am a natural beauty aisle troll, I always have to take a peek at this aisle whatever the store I am in (if they have one). I stumbled on a brand that a blogger on here was talking about months back and apologies, for the life of me cannot remember who it was! I am usually good with details but have not had any luck – so if it was you, thank you 🙂 The brand is Alaffia and specifically, their Everyday Coconut line. The story behind the brand is fantastic, they are a fair trade, natural product juggernaut that was launched with the intention of relieving poverty in West Africa – it is also a love story, check them out! Did I mention that their products are legit cruelty free, gluten free and vegan?!


The packaging is overall very minimal, clean and biodegradable. All of their products are also incredibly affordable, just goes to show you that it doesn’t cost a fortune to make a difference and offer a quality product. I picked up their Replenishing Eye Cream that retails at less than 10 bucks for 3 ounces. I won’t lie, I am still on the fence about putting coconut on my face – I know this has been a huge trend and coconut oil is claimed to remedy just about anything but it is heavy and I tend to break out from it. This cream claims to be suitable for all skin types and when I tested it in the store it wasn’t too goopy so I went for it. In addition to the coconut, you get papaya, aloe and argan oil. This cream claims to remedy dark circles, bags and dull skin. My eyelids tend to get crêpey after a full week of makeup and many eye creams have warnings against using them on your eyelids (ironic) but reviewers shared that they use this on their lids with no issue, sold.


I have been using this cream day and night for roughly 2 weeks now; note here that while the package does list nighttime it is light enough to wear under makeup during the day as well.  This cream is very thin, not runny but thinner than I was expecting. It smells pretty great too, not that fake coconut scent, just a really clean, mild botanical fragrance. It absorbs quickly and cleanly without oily residue, I was ready for eye makeup in next to no time. I did not experience any irritation or rash and have been able to wear this cream comfortably day and night. It does a great job of keeping my eye area hydrated during the day, even with powder touch ups I still feel like I am getting lasting moisture. I don’t really have under eye circles but I do have these creases that look like bags, I’ve had them since ever and I probably look exhausted all of the time (I’m not) so no change there but definitely an improvement to the crêpe texture and dullness so far!


I am excited to test out more of the line and have hopes that this could be my new face regimen. I also picked up their Coconut Water Toner and think it is perfect as well, it adds a little shot of hydration during the day. Check them out – definitely worth a looksee 😀

all images are from their website

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