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Fall Into Frost Palette Review

31 Nights of Terror is going strong – tonight I am watching John Carpenter’s Halloween that includes a very fashion forward, very fresh-faced Jamie Lee Curtis. Confession, the theme song is my year round ring tone. I love the classic horror franchises; I still think they are creepy even though you can find way scarier stuff on basic television. I don’t go in for a lot of the horror entertainment that is out there now, it is just too gross (hello, American Horror Story) – even for me.


I know that I mentioned Morphe’s Fall into Frost that I have been using off and on almost every day and thought that I would share more about this one since it has become a staple in my morning routine. This palette comes in a slim, black plastic case that does not include a mirror but that doesn’t matter to me anyway.  Something to note, this product does have that distinct makeup smell and the shadows are formulated with talc. It includes 35, 1’ pans that offer a mix of finishes including matte, metallic and satin. This is a very warm palette full of browns, golds, deep reds and purples. I think my favourite thing about this palette, which is probably the most boring aspect, is that there are 5 pans of neutral shades for my base. I love this because too often you get 1 pan of pearly, pink shadow for your base option and I just love having choices.  Plus, I have a gold shadow addiction and really like having one that is sheer enough to use as a warm base. I also prefer this palette to others as it includes more metallic finishes, I have loads of matte palettes and don’t reach for them as much – the finish just doesn’t wow me. I certainly use mattes but I like a little sparkle.

phototasticcollage-2016-10-19-19-18-10The reds in this palette are absolutely stunning and super easy to work with. I would normally avoid red shadows, they made me look psychotic but the wines and burgundies in this palette are perfect for fall looks. They are definitely pigmented but also very easy to work with and blend out – don’t be afraid of those deeper shades, they will look fabulous. Most of the shadows have very little fall out, the bronze pan that I adore gets a little chunky and requires some finessing but I can work with it. Some of the really metallic shades can be a little gritty when you first pick them up; this dissipates with a little blending and doesn’t impact the wear over time.  The only pan that I have not used yet is the matte, black – since I have started wearing more warm tones, I have not been able to find a use for this one. But that isn’t bad – only 1 pan out of 35 that I have skipped on! The wear is lovely, with primer these shadows will stay intact all day and still look vibrant.


I really like this palette, for the price I am very impressed and am glad that I have this in my beauty drawer. It is definitely a bigger palette than I would normally purchase but I don’t think that I will have an issue using it up! Here are some swatches of my favourite shades:


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