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Eek! Watching more Tales From the Crypt and I forgot about all of the great cameos this series had;  Demi Moore, Teri Hatcher, Kyle MacLachlan, Whoopi Goldberg, Dan Aykroyd, Tom Hanks and they are all so young and shiny. It is just fun to2a20c11737aef13ee3be3309dbbeae61 watch all of these mega stars prior to them being famous in such a cheese-tacular TV show. The Crypt Keeper’s one-liners are amazing, I have been trying to work them into everyday conversations (nobody gets it)…

I am super excited, my Glossier order arrived and I purchased some products that I have never tried before this time around. If you aren’t familiar with the brand then you are missing out! The whole aesthetic is super chill, they have a totally minimalist approach to beauty and offer a variety of easy to use products for the modern beauty. From the packaging to the mission statement, this brand is too cool – I probably shouldn’t be using it 😛 I am addicted to their Soothing Face Mist and original balm dotcom salve and decided to branch out and try something new. Here is what I got!

I will start with skincare, their mantra of skin first is one of my favourite things about this company and I appreciate the affordable, effective products that they offer. I think I had the Super Pure serum on one of my wishlists and I decided to go for it. This serum claims to balance, purify, reduce redness and sooth stressed skin and I think that sounds amazing.


The balm dotcom salve is incredible, it immediately soothes and improves any rough patches that I have. I use it on my lips, cuticles, super dry spots on my face and anywhere else that needs a little shot of TLC. This salve is fantastic for sensitive skin and I always have a tube in my bag. I haven’t used any of the flavoured ones but I just slathered my lips in the coconut flavoured salve and it is gorgeous. I am sure that they will perform just as well as the original with a little added luxury.


This next item I have been on the fence about ordering, I like the more skin less makeup idea behind the Perfecting Skin Tint but I don’t know how much less makeup we are talking here. My hyper-pigmentation needs some serious coverage but I really would love a sheer, skin enhancing product that doesn’t break me out. I am excited to try it and I hope that it is a keeper!


And last but not least, a jar of their Stretch Concealer which I am excited to bust out in the AM! Apparently it is made of elastic micro waxes – I don’t know what this means but I am sold. It claims to be buildable and brightening – we shall see.


If you haven’t checked them out, definitely do so! For a smaller, indie brand they always have something new and trendy being released.

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