Highlight to the Danger Zone

Yup – I went there 😉 I had a really good sweet potato when out to eat this weekend and it reminded me that I am a big fan of the sweet potato but I don’t buy them on the regular because I cannot find good ones. They are usually dry and shriveled and baked or boiled they turn out tough. I am on a mission now for succulent sweet potatoes. In other news, my nail is chipped and it is driving me bananas – I cannot get a fill until tomorrow evening and it is just one of those things. I feel so off kilter but I also thought that today was the end of DST and that was a fiasco so I am blaming that. I am hoping to get my life together sometime this week 😛


Recently as a gift I received some items from Morphe and was pretty excited as I have not ever used this brand but I see it all over social media and have definitely been curious. I received one of their warm-toned eye-shadow palettes (people know me so well) and the Deysi Danger Highlight Palette. First of all, Deysi Danger is such a uniquely striking beauty and I would shave my head for a fraction of her skills but I will settle for the palette, I guess!  This palette includes 9 decently sized pans in a range of peaches, pinks and yellows. Something that this palette offers that I haven’t seen before are 2 matte shades, I wasn’t terribly excited about this at first but they seriously work like a dream for undereye brightening. I have been using the French Vanilla to set my concealer and it is amazing. I also appreciate that not all of the pans are super shimmery but it does include some bold shades for when you want a strong highlight. With my fair skin I can use every shade without issue. The only shade that I am slightly disappointed in is the lavender that is more pink than lavender on me but still very pretty.

I ran out of arm space, from left to right are the first 6 pans and the last swatch is the rosy bronze that is a definite favourite!

As for the formula, it is very smooth and easy to work with. I am really pleased with the pigment and wear for this price point! To be honest, I have been using just a regular powder brush to apply but it works like a charm. I am not crazy about the packaging, it is just black plastic and I would much rather prefer the cardboard type case similar to the Violet Voss palettes but not a deal breaker. Also, I am wondering if this makes it ideal for artists to carry in a kit but really have no idea.


Overall, I love it and really enjoy having so many shades to play around with and layer at will 😀 You cannot beat the price for this amount of product that is of good quality.

Thanks for stopping by <3


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