Holiday Wish List

Eek! As I start seeing more advertisements for holiday releases and holiday themed sales, I realize that we are hurtling towards this holiday season at warp speed. I love the holidays, with Halloween being the kick-off to my holiday season I get a good 2’ ish months of festivities. However, I dread it every year! I truly believe in holiday high and I come down hard. Once the decorations and music and snow starts to dissipate, I get seriously blue. I don’t do a lot of material stuff but I have so much fun making and sending cards, baking goodies for the office, watching holiday movies, volunteering, cooking, getting bundled up for a drive and blah, blah, blah. It’s midnight mass, cathedral bells, the ballet, humanity, wind nipping your cheeks – all of the small things that fill the holidays. When January 1st hits (actually my birthday is January 3rd and I leave my tree up for that) I feel like I’ve been kicked in the gut. The air feels different, the snow looks dirty, the lights come down and what lies ahead is 3 months of bleak winter. I should really become one of those Christmas in July celebrators so that I can get my fix and maybe the crash won’t be so hard.


But what would the holidays be without a wish list? I don’t have a ton on my list – I haven’t really found any holiday makeup releases that I must have. In fact, the Kat Von D x Too Faced collection looks like a total let down and more cutesy than I was expecting. Some of the items aren’t even holiday releases and are just new items that caught my eye.

I have been eagerly awaiting Lime Crime’s release of their limited edition Moonstone. It is a lavender, beige matte lippie and it looks so gorgeous. I think that I will skip on Bloodmoon as I don’t wear a lot of true red lippies and usually go for berries but it also looks stunning if you are into it. This will probably be a gift to myself and it will be extra early but aren’t those the best gifts? 😀


These next two I am over the moon about, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Ultimate Glow and the Master Palette by Mario. The snow white highlighter in the new glow kit has me intrigued, I cannot stop staring. Given the rave reviews their other Glow Kits get I know it is going to be fabulous. The eye-shadow palette is full of shades that I know will fit me perfectly. As soon as the Glow Kit drops, I am pouncing on both!


A wish list isn’t complete without skincare, I have been eyeing The Supers recently released from Glossier and would love to try them. I am working through a couple of serums now and theses do seem pricey but if I got the chance, I’d pick one (or two) up.


Finally, not beauty related but I keep looking at these skirts from Modcloth. I think they just look so comfy for winter plus pockets! I love the fit and flared look but I think they only make my waste look small because they make my butt look enormous. They are on the wish list for now 😛


I hope these next 2 1/2 months creep along, I am not looking forward to another year passing! Ah well, we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.

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