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underwearSo Friday night I rushed home to get the place spick and span, laundry done, carpets vacuumed, dusting, etc which are usually Saturday activities but I had a new book arriving on Saturday! Indeed, I cleared my weekend for a new book and it was so worth it. The series that I am reading has already been released and is being translated into English – at least I don’t have too terribly long to wait for the next one! In other news, I really, really hate having to buy new underwear – I find it terribly embarrassing. If you buy it online then you have to look at women actually wearing the pieces but if you buy it in store then it just feels so public and those mannequins!  When I was a girl I remember my mom taking me to good ol’ JCP where they had a lingerie register in the back corner of the intimates section – I wish this could be a thing again. It seems very Puritan but damn, I hate having people peep my new undies at the register. 


My hair is driving me absolutely bananas, since the humidity has dissipated it has been a giant,frizzy, coarse mass that I am about one good wind gust away from shaving off. But before I go straight to wigs I figured I should try something a little less drastic 😛 I have been using Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla collection and these products do a fantastic job at quenching my crunchy hair’s thirst but I still needed something with a little more moisture. Good thing this brand is amazing and offers several glorious, deep treatment hair masks too.


I started using Carol’s Daughter hair products as an affordable alternative to other sulfate free shampoos that are currently on the market and I really do like it, sadly they were also purchased by L’Oreal so – damn. This brand has loads to offer and has a remedy for just about any hair ailment. The Black Vanilla line smells absolutely delicious and it is packed with all kinds of yummy ingredients. The Moisture and Shine Hair Smoothie is a must have for me, I use it 1 time a week and my hair has never been so soft and manageable. The texture was a little off-putting as it reminded me of mushed bananas (gag) but once I got it worked through my hair it felt much like any other deep conditioner. Since I have been using this line, I have experienced less breakage, less fallout and some days I don’t even need to straighten my hair as I am pleased with the texture after just a blow dry. I am getting loads of moisture without the weight. For less than 1/2 the cost of some high-end, sulfate free brands you are getting a quality product that delivers results. I mean, look at these ingredients:


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All images from website as I was unable to get an artsy photo of shampoo 😛

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