NARS Attack

I am in a personal, moral struggle with the expansion of Hy-Vee into Minnesota. I just think that the amount of grocery stores that are available is a tad, well disgusting. In the suburb that I live in we already have two CUBS, two SuperTargets, Fresh and Thyme, Wal Mart SuperCenter, Costco, Sam’s Club, Kowalski’s, Lund’s and an Aldi that is being built (this one really pisses me off because they are building a brand new building right next to a recently vacated Rainbow grocery store that is sitting empty). Did I mention that all of the Twin Cities Rainbow grocery stores were recently shuttered? Is there really a demand for this many grocery stores in 1 suburb, apparently not. Do they really sell all of the fresh produce, meats, cheeses, etc or is some getting thrown and if so, how much? I don’t get it, a friend from Iowa said that she missed Hy-Vee and was glad it was being built. Well, sorry but you could move back to Iowa. Just sayin’. I guess that I am very small town but decades from now when all we are surrounded by are 100’s of grocery stores with bare shelves because we bull-dozed over all of the fertile land will we finally learn a lesson. Dramatic? I think not, it is funny that Minnesota natives think that my water conservation practices are crazy not knowing that I grew up in southwest Colorado where the tributary that supplied our well ran dry. The mountain which was mostly undeveloped was invaded by people who figured out that they could build in the area cheap and be only a stone’s throw from Telluride.My childhood home has no water, those million dollar homes now sit empty, it is no joke and it is sad that something has to impact someone so drastically in order to make a change.  That was a Debbie-downer but the giant, unblemished field, often frequented by wildlife that I used to drive by was much more enjoyable than the giant Hy-Vee. And Hy-Vee car wash. And Hy-Vee convenience store. I do also get to drive by the happiest little pumpkin patch pretty much ever, so there’s that 🙂


Anyway, my mascara ran all over my face and nobody said anything. I need to know these things, people. There was seemingly no reason for the crazy smudging, it wasn’t new mascara or anything – I am guessing that I went a tad HAM with my setting spray. Colour me embarrassed upon arriving home not knowing how long I had looked like a wreck. See through shirts, smudged mascara – what is next, tucking my skirt into my tights circa 5th grade. Yup – it happened, that is the most frequent memory that creeps into my mind when I am lying in bed reviewing my catalogue of most embarrassing moments. Something that didn’t let me down, my foundation – when does that happen?! I love concealer, I think it is probably one of my most sought after products and I finally caved and purchased the NARS concealer that everyone raves about. It is a beaut in case anyone was wondering. When I picked this up, I also decided on a bottle of their All Day Luminous Weightless foundation for no good reason. I was looking for something with a little less coverage (shocking) but I have been in a really good place with my skin for, dare I say, months now!? The shade Mont Blanc matched my skin tone really well and I was in love with the consistency right away. On arriving home and unboxing the foundation, I was shocked at how separated the product was!The tester did not have this issue but I imagine due to being handled and shook multiple times a day. It looked as though there was a good millimeter of oil or water setting on top of the actual foundation. Now, I have no idea how long the bottle had been on the shelf or what may have caused this but I was definitely a little put off. After shaking for a good minute, the first few pumps were very thin and runny and I didn’t want to put the product on my face. It honestly took about 6 pumps in to get product with uniform consistency. Talk about a waste.


At this point, I had no idea what to expect from the wear – I was pretty disappointed after having been so pleased with the product in store. The website claims 16 hour wear and full coverage that doesn’t feel heavy.Initial application went really well, it felt great on, blended really well and it wasn’t too luminous or oily looking. I kept waiting for it to separate and break up during the day – it didn’t! Overall wear is amazing, this is one of very few foundations that I have tried that claim long wear and actually deliver. That being said, I did rub some off with a napkin so if you are rubbing or touching you face it will transfer (obviously). That aside, this foundation looked virtually the same at the end of the day as it did right after application. I am very impressed, also it has not separated so drastically as I have been using it each day and shaking it really well. I was worried that I would have to waste product everyday to get to the product that I could actually use.


This foundation comes in a decent range of shades, it looks great on and it actually is long wear. I have oily skin and it suits me really well without turning into an oil slick half way through the day. I am new to this brand but so far very impressed!

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