New Bag!

Modcloth has struck again – they have a handful of new totes from StreetLevel. I own a number of these totes and they are all fabulous from the construction to the colours – just really nice, affordable bags. My very first tote is a deep green one and it is getting a little worn after 4 years – I wish they would bring it back so that I can get a backup!


This new tote while the same size has a little bit different build, it has two compartments that snap close and a middle zippered compartment. My other totes have 1 snap closure and I am loving the separate compartments. The middle compartment will be perfect for things like my pantyhose that I don’t want falling out or getting snagged. Right now, when I change for recreation I put them in a lingerie bag and shove them to the bottom of my bag and hope that I don’t pull everything out when digging for chapstick 😀 But now I can zip them away with other personal items. This bag has gold hardware detail and adorable little gold feet, a nice touch. The colour could not be more perfect, I have a burgundy bag but it is a tad more purple than I’d like – this one has red tones that will be perfect with my booties and will be a nice pop against my neutral clothing. I am so pleased, I might need the black version as well!


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