NOTD: Mood Changing

Citizens of Minnesota, it is not raining. For whatever reason, before I left for the day I had convinced myself that I heard rain and that I would need my rain gear. Suited up in my slicker and boots I emerge from my building to not even a speck of condensation, not even a hint of fog. I wasn’t about to go all the way back upstairs to get unsuited and just headed to work instead. Every single person I walked by asked if it was raining – no, you morons it is not raining I am just an idiot. I didn’t call anyone a moron really because of the whole warm and friendly thing but damn, I was beyond agitated. It is supposed to be raining. It does feel very Hallowen-esque though with the wind blowing as it is and the leaves whipping around all over.


It is officially the last day of October and with the breezy, dreary day here it feels like it could snow any day now. I love winter; I am ready for winter and am already bummed over reports of yet another mild one 🙁 I got my nails done this weekend and my nail salon had a handful of chrome shades, of course I wanted that but my nail tech let me know that it chips like a son of a gun and advised against it. I still wanted something different and decided on mood changing polish – how totally 90’s, right?! Therefore making it totally awesome and I decided to give it a whirl. The cool shade is a bronze with gold shimmer and the warm shade is a lovely gold. I like it when they are mid-shift and I get an ombre effect. This polish is bringing out my inner child and I love it! I always do dark tones, this gives me my dark tone with a little flair. Definitely recommend if you are looking for something a tad different.


Side note – it is now raining, I knew it!

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