Phaser to Flawless – Top 4 Concealers

I did not stick to my goal of less macaroni & cheese last week but happy to report that I have not had any this week! During this time of year I could probably survive on mac & cheese and naps. I love naps, I relish naps – to me they are an event. More naps, less carbs, makes total sense 😛 Also, totally off topic – major kudos to MOA announcing that they will be closed on Thanksgiving. This is major and I hope that other retailers follow suit. Yes, I know that there is some financial gain to them as well but I hope this sets a precedent that even the lowest paid workers deserve a day off. Don’t throw shade, I worked Black Friday for almost 10 years – pitch black and early at 2:30 AM, while I thought it was a lot of fun it certainly is not ideal for all.  *puts away soapbox*

For a product that I use a ton of, I don’t talk about it a lot but concealer is one of my most purchased beauty must haves.  A good concealer can rescue any base from total disaster. These past few months I have been on concealer overdrive as so many brands have been dropping new releases, I’ve been like a kid in a candy shop.  Here are my top 5 concealers of the moment:

This one shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone as I am pretty certain that everyone thinks it is amazing. The Born This Way Concealer by Too Faced is extremely dreamy. In all honesty, I am still not jazzed about the non-bendy applicator but have learned to work with it and I love the product so much that I can excuse this. This concealer is very much like a serum but it offers plenty of coverage and doesn’t sheer out after blending. I use a combination of Very Fair and Fair and this works perfect for my skin. No chalkiness, no caking, zero oxidizing, sets like a dream and super easy to use. Plus, how cute is the packaging?


On first swipe, I was not a fan of tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer. Again, not a fan of the enormous applicator – I guess I just don’t know why it needs to be so big but I have learned to work with it. The concealer itself is ultra-pigmented, thick yet creamy and it smells divine. Just make sure that you blend immediately as this stuff dries in seconds but it also lasts forever without breaking up and creasing.  It is definitely full coverage and is the perfect finishing touch for when I want to wear a sheer foundation.


This next one is not new to the market but is new to me, the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer in vanilla is everything that it is rumored to be – perfect. It is also pretty pricey for such a sleek, teenie tube and I use sparingly which is fine since I don’t need a lot to get good coverage. The formula is super creamy and I love the way it blends out. I’d like to own the lightest shade as well but I cannot quite commit due to the price tag but honestly, totally worth it if you have been curious!


Another new to me is the Erase Paste from Benefit. I wasn’t sold on this one since it is only offered in 3 shades and the lightest seemed way too pink even for me. The sales gal just raved about it, I needed something for under my eyes and my usual eye-brightener was sold out. I purchased mostly out of desperation and assumed that I wouldn’t be impressed but I love this stuff. It only takes the teeniest amount to achieve good coverage and a little goes a looooong way so be careful. The shade is a very peachy, pink but it works really well for under eye concealing and brightening. This one is simply lovely and the little pot is too cute.

NARS, TooFaced, Tarte, Benefit

Those are the concealers that I have been loving recently, there are still a couple of new releases that I’d like to try but will use these up first!

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