Precious Petals

Recently I was reading an article (fine – a gossip column, so sue me) about a celebrity who was responding to accusations about getting plastic surgery. Accusations, she was being accused of enhancing her features. In a society where anything can be bought and paid for – why are we accusing someone of getting plastic surgery – is it a crime?  I’d just like to say that I can think of about 10 procedures that I  would get done if I had the cash and I just wouldn’t feel bad about it. Nothing extreme, little tuck here, little shave there 😛 But why do people feel bad about it and why as a society that demands perfection do we make people feel bad about it? Love your body oh, but also be prepared to be constantly ridiculed for not being perfect and when you pay to be perfect – that’s wrong too. Got it.

phototasticcollage-2016-10-11-19-26-17Admittedly, I am the last person to finally get their hands on the Wet n’ Wild highlighters that were everywhere this summer. I had given up when it was announced that these would be a part of their permanent lineup – the wait was definitely worth it. Out of the box these powders come packaged in the minimalist black, plastic compact much the same as their blushers. They look way more expensive than they are thanks to the lovely flower imprint, I have been working around this so as not to mess it up 😛 Honestly though, these are so affordable that I won’t mind repurchasing. You do get a decent amount of product in the pans; they are a touch bigger than their blusher pans. I purchased both shades as I figured I could use the deeper tone, Precious Petals as a luminous blush and Crown of my Canopy as an actual highlighter. Turns out that I am just so pale that both can be used as blusher – yay. This isn’t a slight on the actual product, anything darker than eggshell is too deep for my complexion.


The actual powder looks very glittery on first inspection and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to work with these or there would be a lot of fall-out. Not so, it is actually a tad difficult to pick up any powder. I had to really get in there and swirl to get enough product to actually apply. That being said, now that I have breached the first layer it is much easier to pick up. I have been using a very soft, fluffy powder brush and this works like a charm. The silky consistency of these powders makes them very easy to apply and they aren’t too glittery, just glittery enough. The colour pay-off is good enough for the purpose that I am using them for – just a day time flush but I imagine that you could build them to your desired intensity. I recommend setting with a spray as they can wear off over the course of the day.  Other than that, I have been asked twice what blush I am using and I just love sharing that it is 3$, drug store highlighter! I have been reaching for these over my Jaclyn Hill and NARS daily staples and I know that I am going to plow through them quickly!  If you haven’t checked them out, do so! They have been really lovely additions to my beauty bag. Off topic, I desperately want these loose glitter pigments as well *gasp*

phototasticcollage-2016-10-11-19-27-36Thanks for stopping by <3


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