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I just read the 20 Most Inappropriate Costumes for Kids and aside from some grossly offensive ones, I am totally cracking up! I think this is a clear sign (as if I needed one) that I should never have children. I mean, I was handing out homemade popcorn balls up until about 2 years ago when a suburban mom almost slapped one out of my hand. I honestly had no idea that there were people who put dangerous items in candies and that homemade goodies were blacklisted! Who are these people?! I would be one pissed off little kid, some of the best treats we received on Halloween were homemade caramels from our mail lady – maniacs have to come out and shit on everything. Is nothing sacred?


I am absolutely drooling over the Girls, Girls, Girls bundle that is soon to be released by Lime Crime. I mean come on, sexy nudes and hair band power ballads? Yes and yes. I exercised some self-restraint and skipped on their new limited edition release since I recently picked up their metallic bundles. Their are 6 shades and they are all stunning with the same gorgeous, long-wear formula as the regular mattes. When I was deciding whether or not to order these I was assuming that I would wear them for Halloween or going out statement lips but these are totally easy to wear everyday! The only shade that I have not worn to work is Posh which is a really stunning purple but not a daytime look 😛 My favourite shade is Blondie, a pretty pink with gold flecks *swoon*

1018162015.jpgThese lippies wear just as well as the regular formulas and they stay metallic all day without flaking off. One swipe will do you if you can apply it evenly, you get plenty of opaque colour that is packed with pigment. They feel decent on the lips, this formula dries down extremely matte and I highly recommend moisturizing prior to application. On the whole, these are absolutely stunning and add a little flare to mostly ho-hum work makeup. Absolutely gorgeous – check them out if you want to add a little something sparkly to your daytime face routine.


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