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I am reading this article and I just cannot help but laugh maniacally. I imagine that he is one of those men who think that women cannot resist his magnetic, sexual prowess (that he doesn’t have) and panties will just drop upon his arrival, that we have zero control over our hormones. That all women’s bad moods can be chalked up to them being on the rag and they just need to be taken in hand. That women need a man to think for them and tell them how or what to think. He obviously somehow missed the entire decade from 1955 – 1965. I think he is despicable and I’m a conservative. Honestly though, it must be delightful to be him – I mean his self-esteem must be other worldly. I would like to be him for a day, on the one hand it would be totally psychotic but hell it would probably be a lot of fun too. Snapping necks, cashing checks, hanging out with Putin, assaulting women…oh wait. Anyway, like anyone wants to hear anything else about this election.

phototasticcollage-2016-10-12-18-40-40A few weeks back I was finally introduced to one of Morphe’s eyeshadow palettes Fall into Frost and I have been using at least one pan on the regular for my daily makeup. I am surprised as I didn’t know what I was expecting but for the cost, I certainly wasn’t expecting much. However, I really do like this palette and feel that the pigmentation and lasting factor is comparable to other high end palettes that I own. The only attribute that I am not crazy about is again the clunky, plastic case that it comes in. At 5 in the morning, snapping that thing closed sounds like a shotgun going off. Plus, it gets really messy but this is true for any matte, black cosmetic containers in my experience. I have been watching this brand for new releases (holy Moses, look at this glitter) and was not disappointed when I came upon these cute little palettes designed by Elena Gant. I wanted all of them, of course but decided on a few that weren’t too similar to palettes that I already own. I chose Mama Drama, Coca Mocha, Coffee Toffee and Copper Popper.

phototasticcollage-2016-10-12-18-45-10First off – how stinking cute are these names? Second – I love that they are only 8 pans so totally easy to travel with but also offer enough shade variation to create different looks even if you only take 1 (or 2) with you. Lastly, I am much more partial to this case over the plastic black ones – I like being able to take a peek at the shadows when I am choosing what I want to use in the morning and the magnetic closure does not make a peep. I was a little concerned that the consistency would not be on par with my first palette, this has happened a couple of times recently – love a brand and then hate a collaboration due to the quality being totally different (see Nikkie x TooFaced). Glad to say, not in this for instance! All of the pans have the same buttery, pigmented texture I was expecting and a decent mix of mattes and shimmers. Here are swatches of Copper Popper,which is definitely my fav so far:


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