Trick Or Treat

I have a cold sore, I hate cold sores – you literally cannot do anything with them. It just has to be there and I don’t want any of my brushes or sponges to come into contact with the annoying little blight – I feel like I am doing the No Brushes beauty challenge 😛 I wore my new boots today, I felt like such a lady! Back story here, I typically wear orthotic clogs – ultra dorky and I felt so chic today. The clogs are nice for when I need to be up, down and walking all over but if I am just sitting then why not wear totally impractical shoes?!

My costume came in the mail today and seeing as how I am so excited about it, I thought I would share. Amazon is my number one online retailer for anything out of the ordinary – I’ve purchased anything and everything from them with very few issues. When I couldn’t find a tulle skirt at the price that I wanted to pay, Amazon delivered! This A-line tulle skirt comes in loads of colours, I stuck to basic black but it is perfect! I felt pretty good about ordering this one just based on the reviews but am totally impressed by the quality. There are 5 layers of tulle, the waist band is plenty expandable and soft, it hits just below my knee and the poof is to die for – just what I was looking for.


I am going to pair the skirt with these Old Navy black and white striped leggings that I bought 2 seasons ago…? I should have purchased two pairs; they are just too much fun and have held up really well considering I paid less than 10 bucks for them. I don’t buy a ton of their clothing but their leggings are my favourite. I think I will just go with a black top and my black sequin flats since I am wearing this to work and want to be pretty conservative. But who doesn’t love tulle and sequins? index

Lastly, I picked up this too freaking adorable headband at 60% off from Michael’s. I always associate this apple green with witches and things. The details are so cute, my only complaint is that it seems to be child sized or I just have a fat head.


I think I will crimp and tease my hair and then wear a little purple lipstick but nothing too crazy with the makeup. I cannot believe Halloween is almost upon us!

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