Velvet Lust List

I attended customer service training this week and have been making an effort to be more consistently warm and friendly – that shit is hard and I think it is weirding people out. I am generally a pleasant person, I like my job, I have hobbies, I have close friends, I am oozing freaking joie di vivre over here but my face does not always reflect this. I may not walk around grinning but I am quick to smile and laugh in social situations, I don’t think I will ever achieve a consistently warm and friendly appearance but I really am on the inside even if my face isn’t saying 😀 Anyway…and please read that in the most warm and friendly tone that you can. In other more work-related news, I had a meeting today with 2 lovely ladies who were totally bare faced and I felt totally overdone. In all honesty I am probably one of only 5 other gals who wear makeup to work and it usually doesn’t bother me but today it just made me feel some kind of way. Will I be wearing less makeup any time soon, probably not but kudos to all of those bare faced beauties out there.

In other news – is velvet a thing again? I have noticed more and more velvet pieces popping up on some of my favourite clothing sites and this is definitely a trend that I would like to get behind. Velvet pants, velvet body suits, velvet chokers – I need it all but am hesitant, I should probably stick to this trend in moderation but here is my Velvet Lust List.

First up is this Practical Magic velvet dress, are you kidding me with this?! A sexy, floor length velvet dress with stunning fall colours. – who knew this could exist? I can be swathed in velvet without looking frumpy? So sold, I just need an occasion to wear it to.


I am simply swooning over this Land of Dreams Velvet Bodysuit but find myself asking, Who needs a velvet body suit? Which ultimately lead to the better question of, Who doesn’t need a velvet bodysuit. You could pair this with slacks and a blazer, a flowy skirt or even jeans I would imagine. A velvet bodysuit, clearly the missing staple in my wardrobe.


These Rose Ceremony Booties require no explanation.


I can think of a million places, including work that I could wear this Mink Pink Garden of Eden midi-skirt to. It would keep black tights and a button down from being totally ordinary. I love midi-skirts; they aren’t too short but not so long that they completely hide your femininity.


Ahhh – there are many other pieces that I want too but I have to start somewhere. I am really going to have to ease myself in here because I could go to wearing layers of velvet real quick 😛 I desperately want a long, velvet coat but cannot find one that I like. My mom had the coolest velvet coat, it was very Fleetwood Mac – note here, my mom was way hipper than I ever hope to be. I don’t know what became of this coat but I am bummed that I didn’t get it. Sad face.Clearly, my future is velvet and I am so delighted that this trend has made a comeback from the 90’s!

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