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Black Friday – Cyber Monday Pick-Ups

I feel like I have no neck today, I have a couple of these blouses that drape funny and they slip back and swallow my neck. There is a fine line between too much cleavage and no neck and so few blouses make the cut. I hate clothing, I just need a uniform – call me crazy but that is one thing that I miss about school. You just woke up and threw on the same thing, now days I have to plan my ensemble the night before because I am so indecisive and such a time-waster in the morning. Not to mention the fact that it takes me 45 minutes to get into a pair of tights, you’d think I’d be better at this since I wear skirts every single day but nope – it is such a struggle.

I am super excited to start Blogmas, I feel like I am on a makeup overload with all of my Black Friday purchases! Is that even a thing though?! Spring releases are right around the corner and I already know that there will be something that I want (need) but until then I am excited to shake things up! I am ever so patiently awaiting the arrival of my packages but in the meantime, here is a peek at what I picked up! None of these images are mine, I am snipping them!

When I received the 25% off coupon from Tarte I so desperately wanted my Shape Tape shade to be in stock but that would just be too convenient. I wasn’t going to get anything but they still had the Swamp Queen Palette and Texas Toast lippie, I mean come on – how could I not?! I didn’t feel too bad about it since I feel that most of her mega fans would have snagged on these by now and I wasn’t cheating anyone else. I cannot wait for this to arrive, I have been winning with the Tarte palettes recently and I hope this one is the same quality!

TooFaced was offering a BOGO – buy a full sized mascara (you know the one) and get 50% off another item. I needed another mascara like I needed another credit card payment but this will round out a gift that I have planned for a former co-worker nicely. My 50% savings was applied to the Chocolate Bar Palette that I have never been able to commit to and then I also snagged the matte Chocolate Chip palette. I just have to share that the gal who is receiving these goodies is just getting into makeup and I am the worst influence 😀

Sephora wasn’t offering any sale that I am aware of, they had a bunch of sets but meh – I am not a huge fan of sets in general. I did get free 2 day shipping which was a win. I ordered these on Cyber Monday, I already bitched about the nightmare of getting the White Chocolate Chip palette and will spare you. This better be the best damn palette I have had the pleasure to own. I am too excited to try the new Kat Von D Brightening Powder, I ordered peach and I think it will be amazing. The last 2 pick-ups from Sephora are these too freaking cute Pro To Go palettes, how cute are these?! Also, these mini palettes would be super affordable stocking stuffers for the beauty lovers in your life!


That’s it! I didn’t do too bad, I didn’t save a lot of money either but there were a couple of deals to be had. What did you snag over the big weekend?!

Thanks for stopping by ❤


  1. WOW I did not know about the Tarteist Pro To Go mini palettes and I ordered from Sephora during BF/CM….I’m upset -____- Please keep us updated on how those mini’s perform! I want to snatch them up if it’s the same quality as the Pro eyeshadow palette.

    • Ah, no! I only heard about them on Instagram and they were on the site but you had to search for them. They weren’t listed in the just arrived or anything. I did the notify me on restock and snagged them. Some of the releases lately have been handled really odd. I will!!

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