A Pill of a Primer

There was a used condom in the parking lot of my work this morning – kudos on the safe sex but what the hell people?! Thank goodness for falling back an hour and the fact that it was daylight at 7 AM or else I would have been stepping all through that. Gag. Honestly. Trash cans, as far as the eye can see – trash cans everywhere but nope, couldn’t do it. I mean, there are a whole of other questions around this but they wouldn’t even be running through my mind if only you had just made it to the trash can.


Anyway, sometimes I just don’t know. Not a lot to say today. I love primer, I have a rotation of primers and I enjoy trying new ones. I love the smooth base that primers create and feel that my skin appreciates that buffer from all of the other makeup that I expose it to. I have some patches of texture and also large pores so I typically look for heavy primers, the crux of this is that silicone based primers (the most effective but of course) can cause some skin flare ups if I am using them every day.


I picked up the Hangover Remedy Primer from TooFaced quite a while ago and wasn’t impressed. I decided to give it another go over the weekend and remembered why I wasn’t using this one. Out of the box, this primer promises a lot so much so that it seems more akin to a skincare product than an actual primer:


Look at all of that fantastic stuff this product should be doing for my complexion! I am a huge fan of multi-tasking beauty and this should have been right up my alley. But I hate it. I love the coconut water scent and the consistency but not a whole lot else. It does feel really great on and it does make my skin look tight and vibrant but as soon as I start applying makeup it starts to pill up. So much so that it looks like I applied a peel-off face mask underneath my foundation. The weird thing about this is that I use a BB so I am not buffing or dragging any brushes over my face – this just shouldn’t be happening! By the time I have applied my foundation, picked off all of the bits of pilled up primer and set – there is hardly any primer left on my face! I don’t know what I am doing wrong, am I using too much or too little? Am I not letting it dry enough? I just don’t know but I cannot use this primer to save my life. When I finally went to remove my makeup after fighting this primer for an entire day (it peeled and creased around my nose and chin) I had to pick it out of my hair line and eyebrows! I could actually feel it peeling off – ick.


I don’t recommend this primer, it is hard to work with and makes my complexion look decent for all of 2 seconds and then it peels up all day 🙁 If you are a fan, I am curious how you are able to use it?!

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