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Best of November

I think I am back among the non-contaminated – I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend! We had our first snow and now it is back in the 40’s and it is raining. Sad face. But the Christmas tree is up and the decorations out and I am feeling pretty festive! I feel like as soon as I got my appetite back though I have been eating so much food, eek. blogmas2016I am going to participate in Blogmas for the month of December and I am pretty jazzed about it! I cannot wait to share all of the things that make my holiday fabulous. I have to admit that I did some serious Black Friday shopping, mostly at home. I made the mistake of going to ULTA for a bottle of perfume and got shoved into a Chanel table. I don’t know if they make you buy it when you break it but I did not want to find out and that ended my outing 😀 Here are a few products that made my month of November that much better, enjoy!

My skin was on a bender this month and I feel as though I’ve had a month long break out and it is super dry already. I like tea tree for an all-natural remedy because it is very potent yet fairly mild. My only complaint and the reason I don’t use it all of the time is due to the scent, I just don’t like it. I was all but forced to bust out my tea tree heavy hitters this month though. 1127162004aTo get a blemish busting base, I used this Blemish Remedy Mattifying Gel and it is pretty amazing at drying up spots and keeping my skin matte all day. I use it in areas that tend to get really oily and on existing blemishes, it works like a charm – it is an extra step in my routine but I like the results. If you have sensitive skin (like me) you might experience some peeling after the first few uses but this cleared up in less than a week. In addition to this I was using the Blemish Remedy Foundation almost every day for the needed added coverage and it wears well. It does stink but I guess it dissipates over the course of the day. The shade is a tad lighter than the fair shade in the original formula, I have to brighten it up but other than that it wears just like the original.

For night time skin treatment I have been using Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Anti-Imperfections Solution religiously. The bottle is enormous and only a few drops will do you, totally worth the price tag. It doesn’t help with clearing up spots but in my opinion, it does a fantastic job of keeping new ones from cropping up. Since it has other ingredients in addition to the tea tree, it doesn’t smell too terrible and once absorbed there is no odor. It is 50% off right now which is a total steal!

1127162004.jpgIt is official, this Replenishing Cream from Alaffia is my new evening moisturizer. Call me crazy for using coconut on my oily skin, I get so much moisture with so little product! It smells light and refreshing and absorbs in no time.


Last but not least, I picked up a bottle of Shalimar feeling nostalgic one day. My mom wore it on dress up occasions like mass, dates, family dinners and the like. I loved the scent growing up but have never worn it, I have been wearing it almost every day since I picked it up. It smells heavenly.


November was obviously mostly about skin care, I was all over the place with makeup and pulling out stuff that I hadn’t been using it so that I could pan it. I am happy to report that I am getting there with a few of my pans – I am pretty proud, I have been spiking empties into the trash 😛

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