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Best of October

As an American I have a pretty unhealthy obsession with the British Royal Family, not so much the current one but pretty much anything detailing events from the 1800’s through the 1960’s and I am there. I am sure the Royals of present are very lovely but they seem so modern, I am more into the handwritten love letters and war torn romances era. The doomed engagement of Princess Margaret and Captain Townsend, King Edward VIII abdicating the throne to marry 2 time divorcee and American socialite Wallis Simpson – talk about scandalous. The First Family just seems so average, very American, and void of any old world glamour that the Royals have. Anyway, I am deep in a salacious historical novel 😀

October has come and gone, I picked up quite a few new things this month and replaced some old standbys – here are the products that I could not get enough of:

This one isn’t makeup, I cannot rave enough about the TooFaced Mascara Melt-Off it is still amazing. It just removes any mascara (even waterproof) so incredibly well. No rubbing, no raccoon eyes and now that I am through my first tube I can say that it is a must have. The applicator did not get gunked with product, the contents didn’t start to smell and it stayed just as effective until the last use. Totally worth it, even more so if you have mascaras that you have been avoiding because you cannot remove them (I had 2!).


Yay for the seasons changing and causing my complexion to look like hot vomit! Goodbye dewy foundations, goodbye light coverage serums, goodbye clingy mattes – surprisingly I have been reaching for this stick foundation from ABH. I was extremely underwhelmed with this product at first but the coverage has been just what I’ve needed recently. I use a combo of the 2 lightest shades and it is perfect.

phototasticcollage-2016-11-02-20-05-28My go to primer in the dryer weather has been this serum oil from Smashbox another one that I have already raved about 😛


I have two palettes currently that I have been using every day; Morphe’s Copper Popper the Holy Grail palette from Violet Voss. I have talked about both of them before and won’t bore you 😛


This Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Oil has been a favourite this month as I have struggled with more dryness now that the humidity has gone. I do another cleanse after this but must say that it does rinse away clean while still leaving my skin soft and conditioned. While it is formulated with coconut and argan oil, I find it to be surprisingly light.

Those are the products that made my month – thanks for stopping by <3

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