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Blusher, Bronzer and Sun-Stripping

I have been doing so well not touching doors, not standing too close to people, not participating in any overtly germ spreading activities and yet it hit me on the way to work this morning – the dreaded head cold that better not be the flu in disguise.  I am bummed that it couldn’t wait until the weekend, I feel like such a clod being sick at work.  Snow is on the way this weekend and I already hauled my boots out, I am so excited.  Update on Outlander­– I am at the part where Claire attempts to go back home and I am just devastated. Does anyone know if she makes it?! No! Don’t tell me 😀


I love cleaning and organizing, I find things that I forgot I even owned and am so delighted that I dug out this little pan of blusher from tarte. I’ve said it before, for someone who always thought that blush looked so garish I cannot leave the house without it. I saw some lovely photos on Instagram of applying your blush over the bridge of your nose to achieve a sun-kissed appearance and I am obsessed. It is called sun-stripping which doesn’t really make any much sense to me…? Anyway, I purchased this blusher because I am addicted to the blusher/bronzer idea and thought this would be a great addition to my collection. That being said, I don’t know how I really feel about this product. Also, I cannot honestly say why I chose the pink bronze over the peach bronze as I am usually a coral, peach kinda gal but who knows. First off, the compact is gorgeous it reminds me of an abalone and looks so lovely displayed on my vanity.  It does have a little mirror which I could take or leave but it is sturdy and I like the overall feel.


The product is just as pretty as the compact; it is a mosaic of different shades that blend together into a lovely pink, cool toned bronzer. It doesn’t have any shimmer which makes it perfect for buffing over the bridge of the nose without highlighting my pores. The formula is easy to work with, very little fall out and it lasts all day with a little setting spray. My only beef with this powder is that you have to break down the first layer before you start getting even product application. The first dozen uses, I really had to get in there with my powder brush to get enough product but now it is easier to pick up. The product is embossed with a leaf-like design and I feel that has been an issue with a few products that are embossed, you really have to get vigorous with the buffing.


While I forgot why I really bought this product and subsequently forgot that I owned it, I am glad that I dug it back out. It is very similar to my beloved Dallas blusher and now I have an alternate so that I don’t blow through it. I think that Dallas is the superior formula and I don’t think that I will repurchase this one for that reason – why fix something that isn’t broken? The overall concept of blusher/bronzer is perfect, I highly recommend and check out that sun-stripping 😀

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