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Glow Kit: First Impressions

I adore Harry Potter, I was in the 5th grade when the first book came to the US and I remember sitting enthralled, listening to our school librarian read it aloud on Friday afternoons. I devoured the books, the last one came out when I was well into adulthood but I still waited in line to get my hands on it. The movie premieres were thrilling and often involved sucking down a pint of coffee to be awake for the midnight premiere. When the last book was released it was bittersweet and when the final movie was released I felt like I closed a chapter of my childhood. I still enjoy watching the movies, whenever I have a long drive I pop in my Pottermore books on tape or when I am short on reading material I will crack open one of my favourites – they are all good but the 3rd and 4th books are definitely my favs.  Growing up *le sigh*


So, I finally bought my very first Glow Kit, I had been on the fence with the ones that are currently out there and was super excited when the 6 pan palette was released and knew this would be the one. This was the first kit that appeared to be chalk full of shades that would work for my skin tone. Also, it contains 2 more pans for only $5 more than the other glow kits that are just quads. Obviously an excellent value and I snagged one as soon as they became available in stores.


You guys, I am so disappointed. The first thing that I noticed about this palette was that the product looked very chalky. Now, I have never seen (in person) or swatched any of the other glow kits but they looked so buttery online. They also looked shimmery and in comparison, this glow kit looks like a glitter bomb. I love glitter and didn’t let this put me off. After the underwhelming unveiling, I do feel that you get a ton of product; these are full sized pans! The palette feels very sturdy and I really do like the overall design of the palette. Probably the part that I am most jazzed about is that the Glow Kit letters glow in the dark – it is sad how excited I am about that 😀


To the actual product, it is as chalky as it looks and it doesn’t provide a lot of colour payoff nor does it provide much shimmer. I would be happy with one or the other but as it does neither, I feel like this palette was a total waste! I have tried several different application methods including fan brush, powder brush, wetting the brushes, a damp beautyblusher and just my fingertips – nada. Some techniques made it easier to pick the product up but I wasn’t successful in actually depositing the product onto my face. I had a bit of luck using my finger tips and dabbing the powder into eyebrow bones, tip of nose and other small areas but that was about it. At least I got some use out of it but will be even more bummed if this turns out to be the only way I can use this kit. Also worth mentioning, the shades are virtually the same 🙁 So many people rave about these palettes and I am wondering if this particular one is just a dud but it has definitely put me off trying out any of the other glow kits. I have a hard and fast rule about not returning makeup unless I turn out to be allergic to it so I will find something to do with this one. Save your money – this product is a total dud.


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