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Not going to lie, the holiday releases have been incredibly underwhelming and I honestly cannot think of anything that I will be picking up this weekend. I have been waiting ages for my shade of Shape Tape to be restocked but nothing yet 🙂 I was excited about some rumored TooFaced releases but not so much anymore. I did purchase The Grande Hotel Café set a few weeks ago and have just gotten around to using it. I was put off as it came without the deluxe sized mascara and I thought that perhaps it was a return, it still could be but it definitely hasn’t been swatched or used as far as I can tell. All of the hygienic covers were still on the palettes, so fingers crossed. Anyway, the packaging is totally over the top and is shaped like a little hotel – adorable. The detail is pretty neat; it reminds me of playing paper dolls at Christmas. No, I am not so old that we only had paper dolls – it was just a tradition that my mom instituted 😛

phototasticcollage-2016-11-21-19-18-11Inside of this totally adorable, totally over the top box you get 3 mini-palettes: Gingerbread Coffee, Peppermint Mocha and Eggnog Latte. First of all, what the hell is gingerbread coffee? Is that really a thing? I mean, I drink a lot of coffee but haven’t even heard of gingerbread coffee. Moving on, the palettes contain 6 eye-shadows and 1 face (blusher) product each. All of the palettes are scented and again, I never thought I would get into the whole scented makeup thing but I have started to appreciate this. The peppermint palette definitely smells subtly peppermint-y but the other 2 flavours just smell like vanilla which is fine. I really like that the palettes are each their own little book type palette, not ideal for traveling but I am partial to the sleek presentation. Also, the art work on each is perfectly themed around each flavour – kudos to the creative team on this one. I also like that so many of the shades complement each other and you can work between books for endless combinations.




To the formula, all of their holiday palette releases reminded me of the NikkixTooFaced collab in appearance and I was a little put off as I can hardly work with that one and was expecting much the same. I am happy to report that these shadows are the formula and quality that one would be expecting from this brand. I am hard-pressed to say that they are totally original when comparing them to other TooFaced palettes that I own but the pigmentation and payoff is spot on. I will say that most of the shades are glittery or at the very least shimmery, this is perfect for me but may not suit everyone.  I always wear a serious eye-primer as I usually use at least 1 glittery product and I don’t know what these look like without primer aside from swatching them on my arm.

phototasticcollage-2016-11-21-19-20-31Overall, $49 is totally reasonable for this set even without having received the mascara – you are getting 18 shadows and 3 blushers plus the totally adorable packaging and I always give accolades for creativity.  Is it a must have? No, this to me was more of an indulgence on a shitty day. I think it is the weather but I have been so meh lately. I think it would make a fantastic gift for any makeup lover as it is incredibly decadent, if I hadn’t have bought it for myself then I would be delighted to receive this as a gift.

phototasticcollage-2016-11-21-19-21-31P.S After the above Gingerbread Coffee rant, I was at Starbucks and they have a gingerbread latte which I promptly ordered. Then while taking photos I realized that the palette is called Gingerbread Cookie not coffee. What am I even doing with my life 😀

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