NOTD & Blogmas 2016

Eek! The last day of November is here with a rainy, wet snow mix – but still no winter wonderland yet 🙁 I am still in between dressing for fall because it is so warm but wanting to go full on winter – again with the uniforms, I am telling you! It is like Christmas in Seattle over here. I was at the mall last night and there was a Santa but I didn’t think it was a real human being, I figured it was too early for that and when he moved I almost passed out! I suspect that he was doing the mannequin challenge (and winning) during the first few minutes that I was staring at him and I was staring since I thought he was fake. I felt so rude.

I went to the mall to get my nails filled and I so badly wanted chrome nails and my nail tech finally caved but then I was totally intimidated by the chrome powder! That stuff is crazy, so you guys, I got 1 chrome nail because I am the biggest dork. Well, 2 chrome nails 😀 It is SO shiny, I love it but I still don’t know if I would go full-chrome. That powder is mesmerizing, I have no idea how it works but it was pretty neat. I am also curious to see how quickly they chip and thought this would be a good way to find out.


So, kick off to Blogmas is tomorrow and I am going to switch it up a bit (my first blog challenge and I am already changing the rules, typical) with 5 weekday posts dedicated to Blogmas and my Saturday/Sunday posts will be beauty related. My Christmas posts will run through the 30th and I will tie in some New Year’s Eve and birthday celebration prep that last week! I am obviously super excited to get rolling with this and here is a peek at what I have planned so far:

Day 1: Kicking it Off With Cookies!

Day 2: Winter Wonderland Décor

Day 3: Holiday Movie Watch List

Day 4: Favourite Holiday Scents

Day 5: Gift Guide for That Pesky Office Mate Secret Santa

That is what I am thinking so far – I hope that you enjoy!!

Thanks for stopping by <3

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