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My inbox is flooded with Cyber Monday offers but I only had my eye on 2 things that for some reason launched on Cyber Monday. I feel that with all of the hype and frenzy that you just don’t need to throw a brand new product launch into the mix. That being said, I pounced on the Chocolate Chip palette that launched on Friday but it wasn’t a frenzy  – I just went to the TooFaced website, it was available when they said it would be, added to cart, chose some samples and checked out. TWO hours later, I went back to the website and ordered a second palette as a gift – no issues. Fast forward to last night when Sephora dropped the White Chocolate Chip palette early and holy nightmare. I’m not getting into it but check out the comments on their Instagram post – people are freaking out. I was bummed too but I am no newbie to missing out on online releases and know that some of this stuff goes in seconds. Even though it is just makeup, I really don’t think that the launch was handled very well. Initially both of these palettes were scheduled to be released on Black Friday and after some digging I only found out via a 3rd party website that the white palette was moved to today.  Then Sephora released it early to VIB Rouge members, it launched at 7:45’ish this morning for the rest of us and sold out in less than an hour. I had signed up for a restock alert, didn’t get one and only after finally deciding to purchase my other Cyber Monday pick-ups did I notice that it was available again. For a $26 palette, I really feel as though I invested way too much time in trying to purchase this and that is absolutely my own fault. I clinched Rouge status with this order but don’t think that I will be returning to Sephora online or in stores any time soon – their poor customer service seems to be a cultural problem and the way this went down seems icky. I get that early releases for Rouge members are a perk but maybe stick to your own brand (or have better perks in general) or something that isn’t so in demand, there were plenty of other products that were also included in the early access event that didn’t sell out. I’m not a Peach Palette enthusiast but I can only imagine what that launch will be like for those who want to get their hands on it December 1st. I am going to pop some popcorn and watch the fall out. Anyway, I feel like I am being so dramatic, rant over. Sad face.



I am in a full-body peel, apologies for the imagery but it isn’t even that cold out and my skin is parched! I am using the heaviest lotions available and I still feel scratchy. My feet went downhill fast, I have been so desperate for an at home remedy and finally (after much research) I ordered an Amope. I actually ordered it with a foot cream in a bundle; this foot cream retails for ½ the cost on Amazon as it does in stores so you are way better off getting it here! I’ve only had 2 pedicures, I love the results but I don’t like having my feet or legs rubbed as this makes me incredibly uncomfortable, I can’t get massages either – they just stress me out. I am a huge fan of the chiropractor, just crack my bones and send me on my way but no rubbing 😛 Anyway, to the Amope!


Honestly, it is just a motorized pumice stone which is not as dangerous as it sounds! I ordered the one that should only be used on dry skin, I got too aggressive with a foot file on my wet feet a few years back and legit grated my heels so, lesson learned. My feet are not in fantastic condition with some minor cracking on the heels, I do moisturize them every evening but nothing is helping at this point. First off, I love that the head is changeable! I always tend to wear down the buffing instrument more than it wears down my dry skin and I know that I will be replacing the head on the regular. Second, it is extra coarse so it feels amazing while buffing and it is also really effective at sloughing off dry skin. Third, it has an emergency safety stop which is a huge bonus for someone like me who can get carried away. Is it a miracle worker though? For a user such as myself who has moderate to severe dry feet I think it is very effective. This was only my first pass and I am vowing to not obsessively use it but I am fairly impressed with the results so far. I didn’t do a before and after photo because – gag but my feet are definitely smoother. The design makes it very easy to use and maneuver and it doesn’t require a lot of time since you are supposed to use it dry and don’t need to drag out the foot bath and salts and blah, blah, blah. My one complaint is that it is loud, it sounds like a band saw and scares the dickens out of my cats. For $20 bucks, this is a low-maintenance, easy to use, at home solution to my crusty feet issues! I recommend and the lotion isn’t bad either if you want a no frills, just moisturize me kinda’ lotion that you can use liberally and not worry about the cost. Overall, I am pretty satisfied!


After claiming my rant was over, Sephora legit just emailed me reminding me that I was looking at the palette and guess what – still out of stock. Cracking up. I also just found out that the new Kat Von D palette will be released in the same fashion, not going to lie- kinda’ bummed – I am going to go and buff my feet some more 😀

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