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I went to the new HomeGoods/TJ Maxx store this weekend in a neighboring suburb and it was gorgeous. The layout is a tad cramped in comparison to other HomeGoods that I have been to but it was so packed with stuff – can I really complain? I think not. I’ve decided that I want to have a This is 30 soiree, very mature, very grown up but I needed new grown up décor to match. I found so many lovely things, many of them beige and was surprised that my 30 year old self would even be partial to beige – I clearly do not know myself. Anyway, it was a blast until 2 grown ass women got into a scuffle over a throw. I kid you not, this happened, at 9 AM in the morning, on a Friday, in a Minnesota suburb. It was funny on some level but it was also tragic and it cut my shopping trip short as I was just totally appalled and wanted to vomit. A discounted throw, I don’t know sometimes but in a store that is stocked with about 500 other throws – just pick another one. I still managed to get some cute things before I made my speedy exit and will have to go back but wondering what time I have to get up in the morning in order to beat all of the crazies. In other news, we still don’t have any snow! This totally bums me out and I know that so many people think that it is great but what if winter then lasts until June because it started so late?! How great would that be, I ask you. I fully intend to put my tree up though and watch Christmas movies on Thanksgiving – snow or no snow. Sad face.

I did some major cleaning this weekend and went through all of my cosmetics and purged anything expired or just too funky to use. I dumped 2 bags of stuff I was not using or couldn’t use and have decided to pan some shit before I have to throw any more stuff out.  I have given myself a goal of January1 to get through this stuff:


I own this blusher in this teenie size, a full size that I have never opened and in the Cheekathon palette. What can I say, I really love this Dandelion blusher and thought I could never own enough of it. I am going to pan the teenie size this year though because I am at that too much of a good thing point.


This Younique foundation has got to go – it isn’t the formula, I love how it feels on my skin but the shade is seriously lacking. It applies as almost a perfect match then BAM oxidizes to a fantastic oompa-loompa orange that would put the original cast to shame. I really want to get through it though so that I can buy the next lightest shade and see what happens. But that won’t be happening for a while since I could probably take a decent bath in the amount of foundation that I currently own.

phototasticcollage-2016-11-14-20-26-31I shouldn’t really put this Dr. Jart primer on the list as I only have 1 or 2 more uses out of it but I love this glorious primer so much. I think that is the downfall of being a makeup junkie and always thinking I need the latest and greatest, sometimes my oldies do the job just fine! I will repurchase after I use up some other tubes of primer.


I have about 6 mascaras but really want to use up these 2 samples that I received eons ago. I already know what I am getting with the Buxom formula and wore the tarte one for the first time today, so far so good.  The tubes are so teenie that I don’t think this will be a tough goal to meet.

I must, must use up some hair product and first on the list is this smoothing cream which I kinda’ forgot why I stopped using it –it smells amazing and my hair is so soft (used it this morning). I seem to recall that it broke my face out though, yep – my own hair causes me severe break outs and it is fucking amazing. I will use it though; honestly I am almost at the end anyway.


I don’t even know where to start with some other product that I have amassed too much of but the months of November and December are slated to be Full Glam 😛 I am hesitant to go on a No Buy, there are just so many releases coming up but then I thought – why not just give everyone makeup for Christmas?! I will at the very least, use up these products!

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  • Selena Hannah

    I’m doing a 20 before 2017 and I just got my eye brows done today. So glad I took the day off. My face is RED well…where my eye brows are anyway. They are so cute now! Lol.

    • stella

      Oooh – that is a good idea, I may have to dig some more out 😀 I am jealous, fresh eyebrows are such a great feeling!! Thanks for reading 🙂

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