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Perfectly Pigmented

The worst part of listening to books on tape is falling asleep and then waking up during something exciting happening and having no idea what lead up to the events. Then rewinding and waiting patiently to get back to that point in the plot then BAM falling asleep again.

I was talking to a co-worker last week who is studying Education, I not so recently completed my Master’s in Education and we were chatting about how public schools have changed so much. He was so bright and shiny with that eager anticipation of the opportunity to change young lives. It made me sad. It made me reflect on when I lost that spark and desire to educate young people, when the anxiety of working with the disadvantaged, impoverished, abused and abandoned became too much to deal with and I made the very selfish decision to walk away. Sure, not every student had those issues but the ones that did stuck with me the most. That whole no child left behind thing is a bunch of bullshit, kids are left behind every day and it eats you from the inside to feel so helpless, defeated and inept. For someone who doesn’t have to struggle to be positive, I felt like small wins were ineffectual given the bigger picture and I struggled to maintain a good attitude. Anyway, kudos to anyone who teaches and loves it and all of those who aspire to teach one day, you are a special kind of person.


I had given up getting my hands on the Wet n Wild holiday collection after scouring every Walgreens and CVS in the metro and not having any luck. Alas, last Friday night while waiting for the clinic I found an entire display! I wasn’t in a shopping mood *gasp* but still grabbed the items that I have been most wanting.


Of course I had to grab the MegaGlo Highlighting Gold Bar after the sensation of their limited edition summer highlighter pans, I figured that this was a must have. Sadly, while this product is supposedly an addition to this collection I found it to  be very different. The slim presentation, while I get that it is supposed to embody a gold bar just makes this product feel cheaper than need be. Yes, it is cheap as are all of their products but this one just feels tacky. The actual product is a tad chalkier than the Precious Petals highlighters and started to break up with just a few hours of wear. It is a lovely gold shade with plenty of shimmer but the formula is lacking and I am pretty surprised, again – how are different shades within the same range so different?! If you didn’t snag this one, it looks pretty but you aren’t missing anything.


The ColorIcon Loose Pigments on the other hand are simply gorgeous. I knew I had to have these because well, glitter and I am not disappointed. I picked up all 4 shades: Heart of Gold (rose gold), King Fu Lightning (muted gold), Ride on my Copper (copper) and Dom & Cherry on Top (bronze).


This pigment is incredibly fine but it didn’t shed all over my face during application and the colour pay off is perfect. The only thing that I am not crazy about is that I had hoped to be able to open the jar and shake it in the cap but there isn’t any room to do so. I had to completely open the shaker and used an old loose powder lid to pick up from. This definitely could just be me but I like to really swirl my brushes in product and this might not be an issue for other users. I tried to get pictures of the shakers so you can see what I am talking about. I think I paid 3 bucks or so for each and this is totally worth it. My favourite shades are the rose gold and copper – the pigment is really exceptional in both of these. The gold isn’t as gold as I would like and I could not get a decent swatch for the life of me but it looks nice as a glitzy base and paired with a deeper gold it looks lovely. These are my first ever loose pigments (I know right, no idea where I have been either) and for a product that I always found to be so intimidating I really love them and they are so easy to use. If you see these, snag them – they are glorious!!


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