Starlight, Star Bright

The forecast today includes 2-4 inches of snow and a glaze of ice, just a glaze. What does that even mean and why is the weather channel using words that illicit a positive response to describe such unpleasant things? Translation: 2-4 inches of snow and it will be icy as fuck, please don’t drive like morons. Isn’t that more clear?! Eek! The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us and my favourite part of the holiday season – toy drives! I don’t have little kids to buy for and this is the only time of year that this actually makes me sad as I love toy shopping, tiny clothes shopping, tiny boot shopping and you get the idea 😀 Some of the My Little Ponies have gotten a little weird – Cheese Sandwich? And when did Polly Pocket become 2 inches tall – who’s pocket is she fitting in to? But other than the absence of some of my favourite retro toys, modern toys are pretty amazing. So that is my weekend, I am toy shopping.

PhototasticCollage-2016-11-23-22-18-18.jpgIn other news and this is totally off-topic, I am supposed to be penning the Santa Letter that we send out to kids in the area. Their parents send in a few personal things that we insert into the letter and it’s pretty cute. However, I apparently have zero imagination! At one point I had mentioned the possible UPS strike and how the reindeer work closely with this organization and we all hope that it works out. Then, of course I have to mention Mrs. Claus but what does she do?! I don’t know, I am sure that she is an integral part of Christmas but how so? I did some research and it is surprising how little information there is about the function of Mrs. Claus – she just seems to be around slinging cookies and warming milk. I was going to work in an elf rebellion because Mrs. Claus decided that the North Pole was going gluten free but still working out the details. I figured that I should add a bit about what they have been up to during the year, like restoring old cars or… I didn’t realize that this was going to be so hard!



I was just shopping more of the new highlighters from Makeup Geek and realized that I had not even talked about the Kathleen Lights Highlighter Palette! This has definitely become one of my favourite highlighter formulas, it is easy to apply, provides plenty of pigment and doesn’t look like a glitter bomb. Not to mention the total lack of fallout and buttery texture – talk about glowing. My favourite shades are Nightlight and StarlightSunlight gets a tad bronze for me but can be used as a nice eye-shadow. The case matches the Manny MUA palette and the pans are plenty generous.I love it, I love all of the highlighters that I have purchased from them and definitely recommend (the bundles are a steal)!


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