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Sometimes a gal just needs a good romance novel, in my case – 32 hours of said good, romance novel. Yup – you guessed it, I am listening to Outlander (cue the smirks and scoffs – the kilts ladies, I’m here for the kilts and the horses). I will be the first to admit that this is an uncharacteristic departure from my historical novels and gritty crimes thrillers but I am hooked. I avoid the Romance section like the plague, Danielle Steele covers mortify me – the revised jacket of Gone with the Wind is even a tad salacious for my taste and yet here I am. In my defense though, the series is catalogued as historical/multi-genre and it is about Scottish clans, those gorgeous Scottish clans. Plus, there is time travel and didn’t we all want to see Dr. Who in a kilt?! 😛 Although, I legit must stop listening to it at work as that shit has me balling like a baby in the middle of staff meetings.


On my quest to use up products that I currently own, I busted out a powder foundation *gasp* I had sworn off powder foundation after realizing that I hated how it looked on my skin, it highlighted wrinkles, it looked chalky at the end of the day, it was just all around bad. I think I briefly mentioned that I purchased a pan of the pressed Touch Foundation but I had only tested it once or twice. I have been taking it to work with me more recently for touch ups and can honestly say that I really do like this foundation. Now, I loathe the bareminerals pressed foundation, all kinds – I think it is the worst and does not hold a candle to the original formula. So it is fair to say that I went into this with very low expectations and have been totally blown away. This foundation also doesn’t promise the world and I think that this somewhat adds to me being so impressed with the overall quality and wear. When a product promises to smooth your lines, banish your pores and get you a promotion – they almost always lack something to be desired.

phototasticcollage-2016-11-16-18-34-48I ordered the shade Organza and it is perfect for my fair skin with pink undertones; it is everything that the liquid foundation isn’t shade wise. I noticed immediately how buttery and non-powdery this foundation was on first swatch. Other pressed powder foundations seem well, powdery but not here – you are getting a satiny, soft, buttery pressed foundation. It buffs like a dream and 2 rounds covered everything that I needed it to. For stubborn spots, I still carefully stippled on concealer which is what I would do with any other foundation anyway. I have zero complaints regarding the coverage; I was able to get medium to full coverage with minimal product. I have promoted this from a touch up powder to a day time foundation. The case is a touch clunky; there is a whole lot more product than there needs to be. It is also matte black and gets a touch messy. I pitched the included pouf; I didn’t see that being of any help and have just been using a round beauty sponge.


The finish is pleasantly satin-like, yes it is matte but not so much that it made my skin look dull or dry. This formula is easy to build and very comfortable to wear, my skin didn’t feel dried out or tight at any point during the day and even after a few touch ups. As for touch ups, I have serious laugh lines and nothing keeps them from creasing during the day so I am often touching them up. I don’t know why but they really bother me, I would get them filled in a hot second given the opportunity. Honestly, after having sworn off powder foundations I cannot express how pleased I am with this impulse purchase. I still don’t know if I could go back to an all powder foundation regimen but this product is making a case for it. If you are partial to pressed foundations, this one is worth the check out!


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