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The Power of Hype

My co-worker came to work today with only one eye done, she didn’t notice until about noon when she went to the restroom. Apparently, her kids crashed her morning routine and then she forgot. It was very Boy George in a good kind of way but yet another reason to add to my list for reasons to not have kids 😛


I think I went back and forth on whether or not to buy this kit 100 times, at least. On the morning that it launched, after hitting the craft store I decided to check it out in person and still did not go for it. I certainly enjoy NikkieTutorials but I am not a mega fan and figured that this was more for her fan base. Kinda’ the same reasoning behind why I skipped on the Swamp Queen palette, I think Bunny is a gem but her mega fans are more deserving of the palette than I. When I went back to my local ULTA a few days later (I go there way too much) there was still a full display and I figured I’d go for it since it didn’t seem like Nikkie’s mega fans lived in the area 😛 Now, this is after I had read a handful of lackluster reviews and I can’t lie – I desperately wanted that purple mascara but now I am afraid that I blew $56 on a deluxe sample of mascara. Sad face.


I was first drawn to this kit because of the jewel tones Mystic Hour and Wham Bam and I cannot resist a gold metallic shadow in any form. You get 9 totally new shadows in the palette, 2 blushers, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter – it is a total face kit which is was also very appealing to me. In addition to the palette, you get a pot of Glamour Dust in Blue Angel, the limited edition purple mascara, a deluxe sample of the Shadow Insurance primer and a full-size Sketch Marker eyeliner.  You do get a whole lot of bang for your buck  (and how cute is the outer packing)?!


I love all of the odds and ends, I use them at least once a week – the Sketch Marker eyeliner is crazy easy to use. Coming from someone who avoids felt tipped liners like the plague I cannot believe that I can use this one without looking like I lined my eyes in Sharpie. I’ve read a lot of reviewers who say that this eyeliner and the mascara make the set worth it – no, I am sorry, it doesn’t because we are all here for the palette! I can buy the other items on their own and they don’t excuse the fact the palette was mostly a letdown.Many of the shades are chalky with quite a lot of fall out, especially the metallics that I so wanted. I will say however that Painkiller and Makeup & Chill are so gorgeous and blend like butter. They are more representative of other TooFaced products than anything else included in the palette. Some shades offer plenty of pigment, some don’t and require multiple layers – it is just so odd and kind of tedious to guess what you are dealing with. The blushers and bronzer aren’t even up to snuff with what I would expect from this brand which is odd, shouldn’t the formulas be exactly the same? The Champagne Truffle highlighter is very pretty and am happy to say that I’ve been using it on the regular.


Overall, I think the idea of having a total face kit is awesome and with some finessing I know that I will continue using this palette. That being said, I guess I was just expecting the product to be on par with the rest of the brand and not require any finessing to use. I have purchased a couple of TooFaced’s Christmas palettes and am definitely interested to see if there is a difference in quality. I really have to stop buying products that are so hyped – I think it makes me go in with unrealistic expectations 🙁


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    • stella

      Right?! I thought the temptation had passed and then she had to go and re-release it. Ugh. It is really gorgeous and reviews are not shabby. Still thinking on it 😀 Thanks for reading 😘

  • abovediamondsandrubies

    Sadly I think with most makeup collabs the quality just isn’t there 🙁 becca’s eyeshadow palette with Jaclyn Hill is another example. Hope you still get lots of wear out if Nikkie’s palette though…the brown shades look great for transitioning 🙂

    • stella

      It sure seems that way – I don’t get it, you’d think that it would just be the same formula with someone’s name slapped on it! Ah well, me too – I’ll find some use for it. Thanks for reading 😘

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