Thoughts on Moondust

So – the Prime Minister of Canada (total hunk by the way) jokingly quipped that Canada would welcome Americans fleeing Trump. I did a little research and I would need about 20 grand to make a move to Canada and there is no guarantee on getting in due to how strict their border patrol is. And I’m no dirt bag but holy credentials. I’m going to have to shelf this for now, maybe look at Mexico. I am mostly joking but after seeing the crowds in Minneapolis to see Trump, I could be mostly serious too 😀


It’s no secret, I love anything with glitter, shimmer, sparkle or shine and judge me if you will but I will never stop wearing shimmery shadow – even when I am 70, especially when I am 70. Moondust is one of the very first metallic shadows that I owned and I was so excited to see the new palette and liquid shadows that have been added to this line. The single shadows are gorgeous and they wear so well for being packed with glitter. Of course I jumped on the Moondust Palette as soon as I could!


First impression – the case is a perfect glittery black with magnetic closure and a mirror. You get 6 shadows that were smaller than anticipated but at the $49 price point this isn’t shocking. I thought the shade range was a little out there for me but I’ve been able to use all of the shades even if the brighter ones are relegated to liners (on the weekends). The formula is on point with the single Moondust pans and they are just as stunning. I have really been enjoying this palette and feel it is well worth the price tag!



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