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Best of December

I hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend, it is raining here and all of the snow is melting 🙁 Confession, I cannot watch the second season of Outlander as it chronicles the Battle of Culloden and it just makes me too sad. Centuries of culture, language, land, livelihoods and tradition crushed in less than a day, I just can’t do it – not even watching it in a fictional TV series. If history is written by the victors, I cannot help but wonder what all got lost in translation. I should really just stick to reading the encyclopedia, I get much too invested in fiction. But I am taking a week off for my birthday and I suspect that I am going to be weeping like a baby since I can’t help but obsess over this show 😀

December was filled with a ton of new releases and trying out new brands that I hadn’t tried before or those that I have just been getting into. I will be the first to admit that I love new products and trying new things but I find that I am consistently digging to the bottom of my stash to find products that I loved at one point but abandoned for some reason. Boo.

One such product is the plain ol’ Primer Potion from UD, I forgot how much I love this stuff! I have a serious primer addiction, it is one of my most purchased products and I have loads of eye primers that I have been using. I busted this one out as I wanted something that was totally nude and extra sticky for a glitter look that I was putting together. I love this stuff, it keeps my eye shadow fresh all day and cannot remember why I ever stopped using it.


Yes To’s Detoxifying Charcoal Mask was the only thing that finally cleared up a stubborn break out that I was having. I bought out Wal-Mart and then realized that this is the same product that they already sell in a tube and was kinda’ bummed. While the individual use pouches are fun, what a waste of packaging. Otherwise, this mask is fantastic and I use it 2’ish times a week. My skin is glowing and my pores look and feel so decongested, it is perfect for Friday nights when I want to wash the week away. Definitely recommend!


The Superbalanced Silk Foundation from Clinique is unfortunately amazing. I say unfortunately as I will not be purchasing this one again after I finish it. The lightest shade is perfect for my skin tone, it wears like a second skin and it is so inexpensive. I am very impressed with this formula, it is way better than what I was expecting.


I think I have mentioned my addiction to the Moondust line at least 100 times or so and though some of the liquid ones have been a little dodgy I was loving Zap this month as a liner. It is super shimmery and such a lovely shade of gold, I have been wearing almost everyday and will definitely want to keep this one on hand.

And finally, this next product is another one that I wasn’t crazy about at first swatch but it has grown on me. The Blemish Remedy Mattifying Prep Gel is a confusing product to say the least, is it a primer or a treatment or…? That being said, I have had no luck using it on its own underneath makeup but in tandem with my regular primer it works like a dream and helps fight breakouts during the day. It also keeps my skin nice and matte but not parched. It smells funk, if you like tea tree then you won’t be put off but I don’t and I think it smells too earthy. This has become a must have for me at any rate.


That’s all! If you don’t hear from me for a week, you know that I cracked into season 2 and couldn’t even handle it 😛

Thanks for stopping by <3


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