Birthday Wishlist

Remember when I was all, ‘I am not falling down this year. I will embody grace, agility…blah, blah, blah…’ Yea, that’s over, it’s cancelled – thanks to the unseasonable freezing rain, I totally wiped out this weekend. What is freezing rain?! Is that not snow – what is snow if not freezing rain?

My birthday is in 1 week and I’m not doing anything crazy, just staying at home and eating some fancy foods more thank likely. I don’t like to make a fuss, I don’t like a lot of gifts but here are a few things that I wouldn’t mind receiving 😀

Sweet Peach Palette by TooFaced – I don’t want it so badly that I would purchase it for myself but I wouldn’t be disappointed in this as a gift. One reviewer did say that it smelled like vomit on her skin, my luck I would probably have the same reaction so still a little hesitant on this one. Also, side note – I wrote this last week and after having taken a peek in stores, I am still not totally impressed.


Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette – I have read quite a few reviews on this already and most complaints are on the size. I was already burned by the Chip palettes from TooFaced and not sure I can commit with my own money. The formula is apparently 7 years in the making so it could be amazing but 2 grams for $32, I don’t know…


Honestly, I would settle for anything from R+Co. – are you kidding me with this gorgeous packaging?! I’d love to try a blow out balm, I am pretty set with my current shampoo and conditioner.

rcoPutting the Star Palette from Natasha Denona on here simply because I cannot commit to it! I’ve heard all kinds of reviews on this one but $169 – geez.


I have been wanting a new perfume for ages, I test this one pretty much every time I go to ULTA and I need it! Tresor by Lancôme.


Lastly, I really want eyelash extensions! The salon where I get my hair and nails done does offer them at what seems like a reasonable price but this would be the ultimate self-indulgence and I talk myself out of them as often as in 😛

That is it really, a bunch of stuff that I just don’t want to spend my own money on but isn’t that the glory part of birthdays? Oh, and a lovely box of cupcakes 😀

Thanks for stopping by <3


  • lipstickcocktails

    I saw the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette the first time it came out and wasn’t impressed at all…then on a whim one day I just bought it (I think I was having a bad day or something and really needed some retail therapy) and when I got it home and really started playing with it I fell in love. Definitely better than first impression

    • stella

      Really?! My thoughts exactly, just not impressed but maybe I will have to take another peek. It’s so popular, I feel that I must be missing something ☺

    • stella

      I am interested in about 1/2 of the colours 🙂 It certainly has some pretty shades but maybe just not those that I would wear. I can still see why it is so popular though!

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