Blogmas: Day 1

I mentioned that we do Santa Letters at work and as I was inputting letters today this one boy (age 3) is getting a kitten and a baby sister this year – this kid is cleaning up. Another girl (age 5) requested that Santa say hello to her pet fish Bob – this stuff is solid gold. Completing these letters has probably been the favorite part of my job to date. It is just too much fun and I love it that kids still believe in Santa.


Kicking it off with cookies! Confession, I have never ever made an edible sugar cookie. Buy the tubes of dough you say – been there and they still come out wretched. I can make gorgeous frosting and usually just end up way over frosting my shitty little bits of sugar monstrosities. There are 2 cookies that I make every year that are incredibly easy, always turn out pretty, can be made in bulk and given as gifts. Now neither of these cookies is a showcase of my culinary abilities (whatever they are) but they are definitely crowd pleasers! First up are Peanut Butter Blossoms – what would Christmas be without these little beauties?!


You can make your own dough but I am allergic to peanut butter and just buy the big tubes so that I don’t have to handle it. I have tried using different nut butters but the consistency is almost always too thin. I wear gloves and a hospital mask when I make them for those who are wondering, I am allergic to lots of things and this isn’t out of the ordinary for me if I am prepping food for someone else. So no, I have never tasted these cookies but people really seem to enjoy them. I don’t put a whole KISS in the middle because they get hard as they sit. Instead I press a little indent into the top of the cookies right as they come out of the oven and add 2-3 chocolate chips then swirl them around as they are melting. I guess they look more like thumbprint cookies really. If you like the KISS aesthetic, you can get a pretty good curly – Q out of the melted chips with a small spoon. For my oven, I bake them for the least amount of time possible – these will turn on you real quick and get hard if you overbake them. I also make mine a touch smaller (1/2 tablespoon of dough) than most so they are bite sized, sometimes I add sprinkles but a dusting of coarse sugar is just as pretty. You can get creative with the chips too, I make white chocolate, peppermint, dark chocolate – whatever you can find in chips will work. Super easy to take to the office or box up as gifts and they are a total classic.

Another cookie that I make every year are chocolate dipped OREOs – anyone can make these if you can melt chocolate (and not scald it). Just melt your chocolate and keep dipping until you cannot see the logo anymore. I use the thin OREO cookies as the big ones dipped in chocolate just seem overwhelming. I use the big chocolate bark bricks that you can find in your baking aisle, usually I can only find white and milk but you can get creative with your toppings and OREOs. I am partial to the mint filled cookies s and adding Ande’s mints as toppings before the milk chocolate coating sets. I have also used crushed candy canes, sprinkles, melted caramel, coarse salt and anything else you want to toss on there. I have also used coloured candy shell if I am feeling festive. You honestly cannot screw these cookies up and they look perfect. If you can find a box of mini OREO’s that aren’t pulverized then you can make bite sized editions. If you go mini, I recommend using a toothpick to dip and then pull those out before the shell sets. Super simple, no baking and you can make a ton.


I also make the staples, molasses, shortbread, gingerbread and chocolate but those require a little more effort. These are more for potlucks, office gifts and the like when you don’t want to spend your entire weeknight baking. I wrap them up with some fudge in a little craft paper box, add a little ribbon and done.

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