Blogmas 2016

Blogmas: Day 11

Food, sometimes I feel as though Thanksgiving to my birthday is one long binge eating event. Not that I am binge eating but there are tasty treats to be had almost every day, so many delish comfort foods and of course the holiday feasts. I live for hors d’oeuvres; olives, cheese, savory meats, crudites – I could probably sustain myself on hors d’oeuvres year round 😛 Since I assume that this is frowned upon, I tend to go all out at any given, socially acceptable opportunity. Ok, confession – sometimes I will sit at home and eat appetizers on my own for no reason. But I digress – here is a peek at my holiday party staples, enjoy!

Olive Tapenade & Goat Cheese Crostini Anything on a crostini is making this list but the savory flavours of the olives mingling with the rich, nutty goat cheese is amazing. The Costco tapenade is really tasty – surprisingly and I typically purchase the bread and cheese at Lund’s, they are a cinch to toss together with very little fuss.


Stuffed Mushrooms – Who doesn’t love stuffed mushrooms?! Even if you aren’t a fan of plain mushrooms you might still enjoy these, just give them a little taste!


Fried Chickpeas­ – Now, this is a snack that I do make year round. They are just so tasty and you can add pretty much any seasonings, they are delish as salad toppings too.


Baked Brie with Raspberry Preserves – or baked brie with literally anything 😀


Eggplant Ricotta BitesEggplant is so easy to make but it never ceases to wow people and ricotta, yea please. I have a thing for cheese 😀


Toasted Ravioli – Can ravioli get any better? Yes, it can be toasted.


Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives – I don’t use a recipe for this one, just get the biggest green olives that you can find and stuff ‘em. Bonus here, pitch the leftovers in a martini for when you are cleaning up.


Bacon Wrapped Dates & Blue Cheese – What is it about dates? They seem so decadent and fancy; I love dates but don’t get to eat them often enough.


Artichoke Cheese Crosstini – Nobody in my family is a fan of traditional artichoke/spinach dip (I know, who are these people?!) but these savory bites never fail to please a crowd.



These are just to get you started, there are probably 100 different ways to bake brie and why wouldn’t you want to? I also must have bruschetta and a heaping charcuterie board with spiced olives and tasty meats isn’t a bad option either. Most of these recipes came from Food Network and my girl Martha, as did the images. If you haven’t checked out her holiday spread you must head on over to her website! I will post up my own photos as we get closer to the holidays and I start whipping some of these up!!



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