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Blogmas: Day 13

I mentioned in my Christmas Tag post that of all the places that I could visit on Christmas, my dream Christmas trip would be to New York! I have been to New York a handful of times for various school trips and probably only 1 true vacation type trip to visit a relative who lives near the city. New York was of course, highly romanticized in my mind –  I was anticipating a million Carrie Bradshaws running around in Manolo’s or sweet Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks couples all over the place. Obviously wildly unrealistic but most of my experiences were surreal – I think I was in shock most of the time being around so many people. I went to my first Starbucks on a debate team trip (what 13 year old doesn’t need espresso) and my friend and I didn’t know that the finished drinks were at the end counter, we stood there and stood there and stood there – still cracks me up. Anyway, if I ever had the opportunity to spend Christmas in New York these are things that I would want to see and do:


Thanks a lot, FAO Schwartz for crushing a childhood dream of exploring your incredible toy store. What the hell. Each year, we each got to pick 1 toy from the legendary FAO Schwartz catalogue and we would spend hours pouring over those gorgeous, glossy pages. It was always a childhood dream to someday see the store in real life, so thanks a lot – this still peeves me off.

New York City Library *sob* Are you kidding me with this place?! I would have to clear an entire day to spend here.

Pop-up holiday markets! This is something I enjoyed the most about the city; you could just wander around and run into things to do. Even if you didn’t have plans, you were suddenly partaking in the best day ever. I just love the hustle and bustle of a good market and would love to wander around all bundled up taking in the sites.

Fifth Avenue window shopping and display reveling – I mean duh, I imagine that New York has the best holiday window displays.

City Hall – I have a thing for really old musty city halls, courthouse and the like and I bet this one is gorgeous in all of its historical grandeur. Winter seems like the perfect time of year to check this one out.

I take in The Nutcracker at least once a year but to see this performed by the New York City Ballet would just be divine.

Skating at Rockefeller Center – how stunning is that rink?! I would also like to spend time on the ice in Central Park as well.


St. Patrick’s Cathedral because I am Irish-Catholic and this is most likely a requirement. I would so enjoy experiencing midnight mass on Christmas Eve in this gem.

Throw back a few scotches at Raines Law Room – I would totally have to get glitzed up for that, an actual speakeasy?!

I would also skip Starbucks this time around and spend some quality time in a quaint, fashionable coffee shop circa You’ve Got Mail. I’m sorry but I just can’t shake that desire 😀 And bookstores, I tend to seek out bookstores on any trip but I bet the city has some amazing ones. Food, any food – all the food, I mean is there any bad food in New York?! And a show, I would have to see at least one show. That is the thing with visiting another city, there just isn’t enough time to do half the things that you want to do. I am upgrading my trip from just a Christmas weekend to a Christmas to New Year’s sabbatical 😛


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