Blogmas: Day 15

Eek! Christmas is just days away and I still have some shopping to do, this never fails to be the case. We have a good amount of snow and are supposed to get a nice dump on Christmas Day – I am just giddy 😀 The New Year is almost upon us and that means my birthday – not just any birthday, the big 3-0. I’ve always liked the fact that my birthday fell so close to the new year, it feels like every year is my year – hello, narcissism. A fresh, new year will soon be upon us and here is what I want from it.


To Be OK With 30 – I think I might cry a little. Yea, yea – many older people in my life keep assuring me that it isn’t a big deal and that I’m still young. I’ve always been OK with aging, it doesn’t really bother me but recently I am plagued by an overwhelming sadness when I think about how quickly the last 30 years went. I can remember my high school graduation as though it was 2 weeks ago. My college graduation like it was yesterday, my 21st birthday like it was last night and it leaves me breathless. I live a full life but gosh, it feels like it is just slipping away and I hate that.

Feel Settled – It is no mystery that I loathe living in the city, I hate seeing new houses being built, I hate sitting in traffic, I hate seeing over-populated areas become even more populated and I often contemplate relocating somewhere far away. But, I either need to make a move or shut up about it. Sometimes I don’t feel like I am home in my own home and I just want to feel content and settled and maybe this doesn’t mean moving to Alaska or Montana 😛

Do Something Amazing – I feel as though I live a small life, I don’t aspire to do anything really amazing but maybe something a little amazing. I have always wanted to write a children’s book (how cliché, I know) but still something that I’d like to see come to fruition in my lifetime.

Utilize my Education – It was a personal choice to walk away from teaching and I have no right to be bitter about it but I’d still like to teach something to someone. Perhaps just tutoring or adult education but something to make me feel like all of those years weren’t a waste.


Continue Fostering on Meaningful Relationships – My circle of friends is small and as my few friends start to have kids and spend their time building families, I didn’t realize how much I missed them. I want to be the first to pick up the phone, check in on people and be more a part of their lives as different as they are from my own.

And overall, just be content and happy in knowing that this is my life and it is the only 1 I get and it isn’t too shabby. It sounds so simple but I just want to be at peace and be content and not feel old 😀

What do you want from the new year?


Thanks for stopping by <3

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