Blogmas: Day 16

Today is my last day before a 4 day weekend – woohoo!! I cannot wait to get cozy, bust out the long johns (ah, yeah), whip up some hot chocolate and stay up late watching my shows and doing some wrapping. I’m a huge binge watcher, nothing is more satisfying than finding a new show that has multiple seasons available and ripe for the streaming. Here are my most binge-worthy shows:

Sex and the City – It is awful and Carrie Bradshaw is possibly the worst role model for women and young girls alike. Don’t get your life together, be a wreck, blow all of your money on shoes because someday a guy with a really Big (get it) bank account will come along to save you but oh, only after you help ruin his marriage and break too many hearts to count along the way. And I’m sorry, did anyone ever wonder how Carrie maintained washboard abs with seemingly zero physical activity?!  It is salacious, it is tawdry, it is wildly unrealistic and I hate to love it. If you have time to get caught up in one of the messiest, over-dramatized shows of our era then check this one out – no shame. Plus, it is total eye-candy.

Broadchurch – There are currently 24 episodes available but there is so much story in this show. There are so many overlapping lives packed into these 2 seasons, I think it is incredibly written and the characters are fantastic. The cast is stacked and you will never see that ending coming, I cried – it was truly shocking.

Frasier – Pipe down 😀 They just don’t make shows like this anymore! If you want some innocent, single entendre that is actually brilliantly written and well-delivered, this show is for you. The never-ending Niles and Daphne saga, will he ever tell her that he loves her? Will Frasier find true love? Watch and find out 😛

X-Files – I appreciate this show more and more every time that I watch it. Sure, it is super cheesy but it is way ahead of its time plus I had a major crush (still do) on Fox Mulder. How adorable was he? Obviously completely off his nut but that lot a bit of crazy only made him more endearing.

Downton Abbey – We all knew this would be on here, the tragedy, the comedy, the costumes *le sigh* This show is just so beautiful and yet it portrays so many societal issues of the period, I know that much of it is dramatized but it is very interesting.

Outlander – Damn you Jamie Fraser, you beautiful kilted man you.  I pledged that I was not going to get into the series after listening to the first book and I am such a weak, weak, person. I think that there are only 29 episodes out there but don’t quote me on that. I will say, I am a tad disappointed with the choice of Jamie – I was envisioning someone with more rugged features but alas.

And there goes my 4 day weekend 😛 Honorable mention, Stranger Things because I just adore Winona Ryder.



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