Blogmas: Day 17

The next 2 weekends are filled with events, this so rarely happens as I am such a homebody. Going out, especially this time of year means meticulously planning the perfect outfit and outerwear that doesn’t totally cramp your style. I hate winter coats, sure they look so gorgeous on petite little girls with the wool and the cinching and blah, blah, blah. I do have some gorgeous winter coats but they never fail to make me feel like a stuffed turkey. The arms, the neck – the whole ensemble just drives me up the wall. I am a big fan of Patagonia for everyday wear, their coats are very light but so warm. On the occasions that I need something dressier, I bust out my bottle green, Steve Madden, bias cut, wool blend coat. I love this coat, if there was one article of clothing that could capture the essence of an entire season, this is it for me. I call it my Christmas Coat as it only comes out this time of year and for a limited run since the colour doesn’t go with my everyday wardrobe. Busting it out is such a treat, the colour is just stunning and it smells of Chanel (you know the one) my absolute most fancy fragrance 😀


I like this coat because it has a split at the back so my hips don’t feel like they are in a straight jacket and the arms don’t pull back. Does that only happen to me, I sit down and the whole coat pulls back?! What a terrible feeling and it has led to many uncomfortable armpits and torturous car rides. I find this coat very easy to wear as it has a diagonal closure, I feel like Frankenstein in a double-breasted jacket and this one cinches up the waste like a dream. The fabric is super soft and the collar is cable knit, plus the pockets – the perfectly sized, snap closure pockets. The length is nice for a shorter gal like myself, it doesn’t cut at a weird length that makes me look stumpier than I am – the lines are truly to die for. This coat makes me feel so elegant even though it isn’t a full length walker.


It is my favourite coat, I don’t wear it all year round since there is just something special about unwrapping it for special occasions. I think that some of the enjoyment would cease if I wore it all of the time. I forget what a lovely green it is, every year – love at first sight all over again.


Apologies for not using my own images, I cannot take pictures of clothing to save my life :/ I hope that everyone is enjoying their Christmas weekend! Thanks for stopping by <3




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