Blogmas: Day 2

Décor – I love Christmas décor but it is very easy for me to get carried away so I limit my decorations and Christmas textiles to my front living room. I applaud people who can decorate every room in their house with seasonal décor and not make it look like a hot, tacky mess. Example, the home in Home Alone – hello tasteful but I would end up wrapping my furniture in wrapping paper if I could 😛

Each year I pick a theme and this year is metallic, I worked in bronze, different golds and just a tad of silver. I am not partial to silver though for some reason. Anyway, most of my decorations came from Michael’s, Patina or Hobby Lobby. I am not that person who has really fabulous, rustic décor that I use year after year – I would love to be that person but I’m not. I do save all of my decorations and use them again but you won’t find anything one of a kind or handmade in my stash – maybe someday 😀 I did get a new tree this year, I live in an apartment and can only have an artificial one. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, they have gotten better than when I was a kid and these first started hitting the market. I just remember them being so obviously plastic and it always amazed me that people actually bought them but here I am. My only beef is that most of them are pre-lit and once the strand of lights are done then you can either buy a new one or leave the old lights on and toss on another strand. I had been doing the latter but it was only a 4 foot tree and I wanted something taller this year anyway. I only have a small corner and I decided on a spindly, 7 foot one that fit perfectly. Somewhere in between last year and this year, I lost my star – I don’t even know how that happens but I am in the market for a new one. I am calling my tree The Grinch tree until I can find one to add to it. I am really excited about these long, icicles ornaments that I found this year. I love the stringy icicle stuff that can be draped all over your finished tree but my cat eats that, these ornaments offer a similar look, can be reused and the cats can’t eat them 😀 My Baby cat is obsessed with the tree; she comes racing in when I say that it is time to turn the tree on and loves slapping everything.

Aside from the tree, the only other area I decorate is the mantle – we don’t use the fireplace so don’t worry. I can honestly say that this star garland has lasted for almost 10 years with only one casualty from a cat attack. The star candle vases are from HomeGoods, the fairy lights are new this year and are from Michael’s and the trees are from Hobby Lobby but are on their 2nd or 3rd year, I believe. The miniatures and dish are also from one of those craft stores but I buy so many miniatures that who knows where the come from anymore!

As for textiles, I have swapped out my warmer toned pillows for these fabulous cream and gold ones from HomeGoods. I love that store, if you can put up with the crazy then you can usually find pretty good stuff. I am a pillow and throw junkie, it feels so cozy to have them around everywhere. And that’s it really, I may chuck a wreath on the front door but living in an apartment I really never know if that is tacky or not…? Not to mention, we have a package bandit in the building who has been stealing packages. How mean is that?! Totally bums me out, ah well.


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