Blogmas 2016

Blogmas: Day 4

It is beginning to smell a lot like Christmas…! I should have been more specific, this will list my favourite holiday Home scents as I have another one planned for body scents. I am a 3 wick Bath and Body Works candle junkie and will often have 2-3 going at one time, my apartment is pretty heavily scented maybe too heavily but I love it. At some point though, with the windows being closed I feel like the air can get a bit stuffy and I want something that is fragrant but crisp and clean. My mom always had a kettle of herbs and spices on the stove instead of air fresheners and this seriously works like a charm. Cloves, oranges, cinnamon, limes, mint, cranberries – any concoction you can think of, you can toss in some water and heat for a naturally fragrant living space.

My favourite, and this was a Pinterest discovery is the recipe used by Williams & Sonoma – yea, delicious. I take 4 lemons, sprigs of fresh rosemary, a shot of vanilla, fill an old tea kettle with water and heat on low for hours. After a couple of hours, my apartment is totally refreshed – I think it is primarily the lemons that make the air seem so clean but the herbs and vanilla definitely help. I have also had luck with putting this mixture into a small crock pot and letting it go all day on low. It is amazing. Oranges, clove and cinnamon is another holiday concoction that I like to simmer. If you want something different than candles, try this out.

Most of the year I just use regular Glad e plugins but as soon as the leaves start falling, I bust out my Bath & Body Works Wallflowers – these are crazy potent so beware if you are sensitive to scents. My favourites are Vanilla Snowflake, Winter Rose and Black Tie. I cannot get anything too spicy because the BF will get sneezing attacks but these are all pleasant.

For candles, my 3 – wick picks are Winter, Twisted Peppermint, Vanilla Snowflake and Fireside. Like I said, I can get 3 of these bad boys burning in my smallish apartment 😀 I try to pick flavours that complement each other since I am such a scent junkie and don’t want a bunch of clashing smells.


I am going to go and light some candles now 😀

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