Blogmas: Day 5

My vacuum shit out, I have a deeply personal relationship with my Hoover. It is just a glorious piece of machinery, it makes perfect lines in the carpet, banishes debris and just keeps my home healthy and happy and now it has died. I am so bummed, I hope that I get a vacuum for Christmas πŸ™

I love Secret Santa but it can be tough when you don’t really know your coworkers (which I don’t) and you want to get them something they like but have no idea what that is. I have to start mentally documenting little details about my gift recipient as soon as the names are drawn to ensure that I don’t gift them a dud. Do they drink coffee? Do they have a lot of shitty pens? Are they a nail biter? No, I’m kidding – I still know next to nothing about these people but there are loads of small, fun gifts out there that most anyone would appreciate.

The final secret-santa gift exchange between the Greeks and the Trojans.

First off, gift cards. Yea, they won’t seem like a whole lot of thought went into them but pair them with Christmas candy or cookies and who wouldn’t be pleased? They say, ‘I don’t know you and probably won’t ever but get a few cups of coffee on me.’ Is that so wrong, I think not.

If you want to get a little more personal you cannot go wrong with pretty much anything from catchingfireflies this website offers unique office supplies and desk accessories to please just about anyone. Snarky sticky notes, pretty planners, calendars, socks, mousepads and at any price point. Here are my top 3 picks from this website:

Cord Keepers, 9.95 – that thing everyone needs but don’t know exists.

Kittenster Socks, 8.95 – How cute are these? Pair them with the bulldogs and that is a solid gift.

Stainless Steel Tumbler, 24.95 – I have received a travel mug probably every year and every year I am just as stoked. This one comes in 3 trendy colours and will keep your beverage hot or cold.

Perpetual Kid is another site packed with fun desk accessories and other miscellaneous items that will make fantastic office mate gifts:

Magic Slime, 7.99 Another item that you didn’t know you needed and pretty much anyone working in an office can use. It’s unique, quirky but totally practical.

Peekin’ Zeke, 8.99 – Totally pointless and a totally adorable addition to anyone’s boring cube.

Cat Video Clapperboard, 4.99 – For the cat lady in your office, you know who she is (my secret santa – take note).

Amazon is another vendor that I go to for last minute gifts, you can find anything on that website – I swear. I tend to avoid hygiene items for office mates, anything that I find too humorous (because it is probably offensive) and anything that seems too personal (think massages or the like). I keep it funny, neutral and unique – or food, everyone loves food πŸ˜€

If you find yourself in a Secret Santa predicament and stumped for gifts – check these sites out!


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