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Blogmas: Day 8

I have pledged that I am not falling down this winter. Every year I take a digger on the ice and this is the year that I will embody grace, agility and balance. I almost lost it this morning coming across the parking lot but managed to make it into work unscathed. Now only 120 (or so) days and I’m golden 😀

I thought that I would start the week with my winter skin care routine as it is different than my year round routine. As soon as the temperatures drop below 40 it is a never ending cycle of buffing, moisturizing and moisturizing, buffing. Not only am I prone to acne, I have areas of extremely oily skin as well as dry patches. So, it is a lot of fun 😛

Cleanse: I always do a double cleanse if I wore a full face that day – which is most days. I went for long periods of time never feeling as though I was truly getting rid of all the dirt and grime from the day and thus, the double cleanse. First up – eyes, I use the Argan Oil wipes from Burt’s Bees to remove my eyeliner and left over mascara bits. I follow with an oil cleanser and right now it is between this Palmer’s oil or another from Burt’s Bees – you cannot go wrong with either, they are both fantastic.I follow this with a few options but right now since I am seeking moisture, I am using this coconut wash from Alaffia with my silicone brusher. I will alternate with the brusher if my face is feeling chapped or sensitive but I love my brusher. It isn’t a fancy one, it is a no name that I got off Amazon and it is amazing, I much prefer this type over the traditional face brushes.

Tone: Right now I am using good, old fashioned witch hazel to remove any remaining congestion. Witch hazel stinks but my skin loves this stuff and drinks it right up.  I spritz with Mario Badescu’s rose water and aloe spray which is fantastic for soothing and moisturizing my winter skin – plus I am just obsessed with the lovely, rose scent.


Treat: I am constantly fighting acne and am currently getting decent results with this Anti-Imperfection Serum from the Body Shop. It isn’t overwhelmingly tea tree scented, it absorbs really well and doesn’t dry my skin out too bad. I think that with any acne treatment I see a little dryness but nothing concerning with this one.


Moisturize: I use the Alaffia Replenishing Eye Cream, for a light product this does a great job at keeping my eyes hydrated. I use a different day time eye cream as this one doesn’t do great under makeup. Right now, I am loving the Replenishing Face Cream also by Alaffia – it smells so lovely and not overwhelmingly or artificially coconut-y. I add 2-3 drops of oil to my cream for added moisture, this Fig & Yarrow Facial Serum is most excellent. It contains rosehip and argan oil, it smells lovely and keeps my skin soft and hydrated. I have to say that I purchase this at Target and the ounce is only $20 or so there, I am unsure of why that same bottle retails for so much more on their website…? For any super dry patches I slather on some of the original Balm Dotcom universal skin salve. You can literally put this stuff anywhere and it banishes dry spots!! It is a salve and a little heavier that most products that I put on my face, with a little finessing though it absorbs without issue.


Of course there is the occasional peel or mask but I find that keeping my routine simple, keeps my skin glowing. That is it for my evening routine, I have sensitive skin and try not to put too many things on it at once. This routine is working for me right now, my face has been fairly happy and hydrated 🙂


Thanks for stopping by <3

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