Blogmas: Day 9

We didn’t have a lot of Christmas traditions growing up, I think my parents were exhausted all of the time so I’ll give them a pass on this 😀 I do remember Christmas pajamas and I had 3 sisters who of course would all receive matching sets. Call me incredibly nerdy but I still delight in the plush, fuzziness of super tacky fleece PJ’s with the flammable warning and all. Yup – we wore flammable PJ’s in the 90’s – oh to be 13 again. I mean we all knew so it wasn’t like we were partaking in gasoline fights or anything – duh. Anyway, I do have a robe that I wear around the holidays and when I was single I had this frumpy, cotton nightgown that I would just die if anyone saw me in. I won’t lie; I still have it just in case. There are 2 traditions that I have started as an adult: Christmas Eve Rice Pudding and Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls. The lingering aromas of the 2 combined are about as close to the scent of Christmas Morning as you will get. Rice pudding is one of my favourite indulgences, it doesn’t matter what kind – hot or cold, I’ll take it. This recipe is super easy and pretty tasty:


This recipe can be tweaked and changed to suit anyone’s taste. Next up, are my all time favourite cinnamon rolls. Don’t be put off by the number of steps, anyone can make these and they will turn out delicious. I had never made cinnamon rolls and these came out delish and pretty on the first go!


They aren’t very exciting traditions but really, I guess I am not terribly traditional anyway!




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